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Join Youth Climate Ambassadors In Demand for Climate Democracy

Join Youth Climate Ambassadors In Demand for Climate Democracy

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This petition has been created by Christine L. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Christine L.
started this petition to
All Heads of State, UN Secretary General, UN General Assembly President, Global Citizens
Help us achieve Climate Democracy!

How? By signing the Epirus Declaration, which includes three concrete proposals for climate justice: 
  • the recognition of the right to a healthy environment as a human right
  • the creation of an International Court of Environment that can hold states, individuals and companies accountable
  • a United Nations Parliament representing citizens

The Epirus Declaration is the culmination of the passion and work of the Youth Climate Ambassadors who attended CUNCR’s Climate Democracy and Justice Training and Summit in July of 2019. After training and speeches in Brussels and Corfu, the summit ended in the village of Vitsa, in the Epirus Mountains of Greece.

"On 24th of July 2019 we planetary citizens, representing all the continents, have gathered to demand representation in global decision-making on challenges, such as the climate crisis, which affect us all. To achieve this we demand: the creation of a United Nations parliament representing everyone; an executive to complement this legislature; and, to ensure justice, the creation of a world court with the competency to prosecute environmental crimes, holding states, corporations, other non-state actors and individuals accountable with universal jurisdiction.

In a world of effective global governance, resources currently dedicated to national security must be redirected to global security, and in particular living sustainably on our planet. It should be a human right to enjoy a healthy environment, and our duty to protect the rights of the environment for the future generations.

As the legitimate forum to achieve these democratic ideals, we urgently demand that the San Francisco Promise be upheld to convene the United Nations Charter review and renewal process.

Let “we the peoples” govern the world!"

Posted: 6 August 2019 (Updated: 9 December 2019)