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Alternative Care Centres offering Orthomolecular Care to Psychiatric Patients as choice

Alternative Care Centres offering Orthomolecular Care to Psychiatric Patients as choice

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This petition has been created by Susan B. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Susan B.
started this petition to
Andrew Lansley, David Cameron, Doctors like Dr Walsh of the Walsh Research Institution, Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Professor Healy, Robert Whittaker, Soteria, chy-sawel project.
I cannot bear to see the suffering of my daughter and other psychiatric patients who are forced to take mind altering drugs even if there are any doubts about their diagnoses. My daughter has several and was promised a drug free period. People like Dr Tracy have experience in these drugs and should be involved in the setting up of such centres that are kept away from busy towns and cities. At the moment the acute wards do not help a patient and many are at risk - at risk meaning from further abuse and can be affected by being thrown together with other disturbed patients and end up back on the wards time after time again. There are quite often no therapeutic interventions such as CBT. If there were more of these centres set up patients themselves could be involved in the running of them as these patients are often discriminated against and left without work and support yet they can be involved in helping others remain on the least drugs which are very dangerous and act like LSD and instead educate these patients as to the importance of nutrition and diet. Many people under the mental health have just suffered a breakdown due to trauma or it can be abuse or over-work/environment and just need a break - it should be counselling and not drugs as these drugs can cause violence and psychosis. They do not help the patient in coming to terms with the root of theproblem and just block the brain's receptors. They also can cause long term health problems and affect the body organs and risks are played down. There are virtually no centres like this except for Earth House. I would like to see Earth House over here in the UK. There are groups like Soteria and professionals willing to get involved in such a project. People like myself - mothers/carers would be more than willing to also help. There would be huge demand. It is not just the UK but all over the world who could benefit and there is an expert here called Peter Bennett who runs ReHealth who has proved as has Dr Walsh that correct diet and nutrition is the answer to curing mental illness not just by giving drug after drug after mind altering LSD like drug.

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