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This petition has been created by Av. P. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Av. P.
started this petition to
Municipality of Amsterdam
Tel Aviv is an integral part of the state of Israel, a state which commits systematic violation of the rights of the Palestinians and of international law by means of oppression, occupation, land grabbing, colonization, blockade, political prisoners (including children), and warfare.

Tel Aviv presents itself to the outside world as a multicultural, overt and tolerant city, which, for instance, offers liberty for the homosexual community. However, the truth is that here, like elsewhere in Israel, Palestinians are exposed to institutional discrimination because the legislation distinguishes between Jews and non-Jews. Oriental Jews are discriminated against as well, something which recently became apparent again when black Jews protested against the racialism they experience.

The original population of Yafo (in the past Jaffa) was dispelled by Zionist militia’s in 1948, as a part of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Up to today, they are not allowed to return to their homes. There was never any legal rehabilitation.

On 1st July, a majority of the Council of Amsterdam (consisting of the political parties PvdA, D66, VVD and CDA) gave their consent to the proposal by Mayor and Aldermen to initiate a further examination of the co-operation with Tel Aviv. Amsterdam’s Mayor Eberhard van der Laan will shortly pay a visit to Tel Aviv for this purpose.

Amsterdam hopes it can learn from Tel Aviv’s high-technology sector, but this disregards the strong links between high-technology companies and the huge Israeli arms and surveillance industry, which has publicly stated that their products have been tried out on Palestinians.

Many people in Amsterdam, because of their commitment to human rights and freedom, because of their struggle against colonial domination or because they have fled a dictatorship, cherish feelings of solidarity with the Palestinians.

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Posted: 31 August 2015 (Updated: 13 March 2017)