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This petition is closed
Canada : Stop Quebec's Anti-protest Bill 78

Canada : Stop Quebec's Anti-protest Bill 78

This petition is closed
6,564 Supporters

Guillaume F.
started this petition to
Jean Charest, premier ministre du Québec
In order to put an end to the greatest student mobilization in the history of Quebec, the provincial government has passed a special law that tries to suppress any form of protest against its policies.

This repressive law violates freedom of expression as well as the freedom of association and directly confronts student organizations, workers and all citizens.

This represents a fundamental infringement of civil liberties and constitutes a danger for any free and democratic society.

You may view this law in English at:


It is our duty to take action to force the government to go back on its decision to impose this despicable law and to restore our rights under the Quebec and Canadian Charters. This law will be challenged in court but we can speed up its withdrawal by showing the Prime Minister of Quebec that our opposition is massive and extends beyond our borders.

To the Prime Minister of Quebec, Jean Charest:

“We call on to you to withdraw this undemocratic law, to restore our right of freedom of expression and to protect the right to freedom of association. We urge you to commit yourself to resolving this crisis peacefully by way of already existing democratic means.”

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