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Boycott Steve Hofmeyr and other racial mongers in the music industry

Boycott Steve Hofmeyr and other racial mongers in the music industry

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This petition has been created by Marls V. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Marls V.
started this petition to
The music industry of South Africa, his fellow musicians, all other corporate sponsors
Steve Hofmeyr has taken various steps to spread racial hate and commit defamation against black South Africans. Considering that he is a public figure with a large fan base, he should be held accountable for the damage he is causing. We invite all concerned South Africans to sign this petition, so we can get our message across to the music industry and corporate world.
There are various allegations of racism against Hofmeyr which has already been reported to the Human Rights Commission of South Africa. Through various means, Steve Hofmeyr has actively spread false crime statistics which are solely intended to create fear among the white population and demonizing black people in the process. According to Hofmeyr black men disproportionately commit violent crime against white people. However, there is ample evidence that crime is prevalent among all racial groups. He has been confronted about the false information, but his response has consistently been that statistics are not that important. However, what he is doing has dire consequences, including:
1. Spreading racial hate and robbing black South Africans (especially men) of their dignity.
2. Encouraging hate speech. On his social pages, various commentators post comments containing racial slurs. Also, during the Red October protest, in which he participated, various protesters carried banners inciting racial hatred. Although none of these slurs are directly used by Hofmeyr, he has done nothing to distance himself from this hate speech.
3. Spreading false information about crime makes it harder for the general public to combat crime.
4. Straining racial relations in South Africa
5. It distracts South Africans from real issues, such as intimate femicide, corrective rape, family murders, the nature of farm attacks (all races are affected) etc.
We'd like to refer you to the following sources to get more information:
1. Research directed to check the validity of his claims regarding black men: http://www.africacheck.org/reports/are-white-afrikaners-really-being-killed-like-flies/
2. An interview with expert Lisa Vetton, concerning intimate femicide, and the harm racial profiling does in combatting this sort of crime: https://soundcloud.com/africacheck/africa-check-guest-writer-lisa
3. Another petition, giving examples of hate speech promoted at the Red October protest in which Hofmeyr participated. There are also examples of hate speech on the organiser of this event, Sunette Bridge's social media pages. Hofmeyr has joined forces with this person, once again without distancing himself from this blatant racism: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218255988351449/
4. Here is more evidence that crime is more likely to be committed between people that know each other. Thus, it is ridiculous to say that white people are only being murdered by black people: http://www.africacheck.org/reports/factsheet-south-africas-official-crime-statistics-for-201213/
5. More examples of racial profiling done by Hofmeyr using a public platform:

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