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Save Bernard Randall from imprisonment in Uganda

Save Bernard Randall from imprisonment in Uganda

This petition is closed
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nick F.
started this petition to
The uk government

My friend Bernard Randall has been arrested while on holiday in Uganda. His apartment was burgled and his computer stolen. apparently he had "homosexual" material on his computer and the thieves duly reported this to the authorities. He is facing charges that may see him given 7 years in prison. At the moment he is awaiting trial , scared out of his mind and at the mercy of mob rule and vigilantism.

Being gay in Uganda is a crime. The Ugandan government want to see the death sentence for homosexuals.they believe that it is an "evil". This is a moral outrage.Any civilised human knows that whether you are gay or straight it doesn't matter. People have a right to live freely and in peace. However, this isn't just about the ethics and morality of the situation, this is my friend. he is one of the kindest most considerate people I know. He does not deserve to be in fear of his life, from retribution from an angry mob, or the thought of many years in prison.
I want to try to exert pressure on the uk government to get him repatriated. he, like many others do not deserve this kind of draconian,barbaric treatment. He has the right not to be in fear for his life. we also have the right to ask our government for help. Uganda take millions of pounds in foreign aid from the uk. We have a right to ask for my, our friend to be returned home.

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