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CHINESE GOV: Mr. Zhu Xiaodan & Mr Wang Yang, Guangodng Province: China:  BAN Dog and Cat Meat industry

CHINESE GOV: Mr. Zhu Xiaodan & Mr Wang Yang, Guangodng Province: China: BAN Dog and Cat Meat industry

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This petition has been created by myyka B. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
myyka B.
started this petition to
CHINESE GOV: Mr. Zhu Xiaodan & Mr Wang Yang, Guangodng Province
Stolen, lost and homeless Dogs and Cats are beaten and tortured before they are killed as the adrenaline, pain and fear they experience is believed to 'enhance' the flavor of the meat. The Guangodng Province in China is known to be the area where this is a huge industry.

PLEASE REFER TO THE PETITION BELOW WHERE I BECAME AWARE OF THIS HIDEOUS AND BARBARIC INDUSTRY. There are email and addresses at the bottom where one can lodge protests.

The information below is copied from this petition on this site and explains very well what the problem is and WHO to communicate your complaints and protests with in the Chinese government.


Thank you to this site , they took the time to gather all this information and post it.

Petition to sign:

Is true that dog/cat meat is food for poor people?
This is totaly ridiculars! No.
The dog meat comsumming appeared to have a massive growth of business with the terminal markets major in Guangdong,Guangxi province in the south, and the Jilin province in just the recent decades. As a result of the convinient of cross-area transpotation and the failiar of enforcement of laws. Some crimianls then take advantage of the loopholes of the law and work together with some corrupted government workers to made great profit by stealing cats and dogs and sell them to the market to be slaughtered.
But this is nothing related to poverty and lack of food. Mind you, Guangdong, the province imfamous of eating cats and dogs (where more than 10,000,000 dogs and 4,000,000 are killed for food), are province among the most economical developed in China. Those who become wealthy begin to think about to fill their greedy appetite with odd food so that they will try every kind of animals.
Both the sellers and the eaters are not poor people but in the oppisite they are more richer than most of us!
Please be reminded that all these reasons for eating cats and dogs are no where to be true and justified. They are nothing but excuse for the criminal and the inhumane behavir.
Many Chinese people are not weathy but they will never need to eat cat and dog our compainion to be survived!
We have the same humanity as other in the world.


A Chinese animal lover is telling the world what is happening in the country.

The trucks squeezed with cats and dogs are running every minutes on the highways all around the country. Most of the trucks head to Guangdong, Guangxi provinces in the south, and Jilin province in the north. The government ignore all the requests and pleas of animal protection legislation from caring people. We do not see any sign that cat / dog meat markets in these provinces will be ban. Actually the authority keep on to deal with our request with dead ears and blind eyes. The people in charge of animal inspection in Administration Department of Agriculture, keep issuing certificates without obeying the laws and regulations ( The law specify that dogs and cats must be immune before given a certificate. The traders then can ship the captive dogs and cats from provinces around the country to the above mentioned destined markets. However these dogs and cats are most stolen from households or neighbor hoods and thus impossible to be immune by their owners and carers by no purpose of shipping or selling them.

The cat meat traders employed thieves to go everywhere to steal cats. They enter the living area at nights and put cages with sparrows hung on the top in places where cats would possibly walk through.

These criminals stained their hands with blood of cats, as well as the cat owners’. They have beaten the cat owners who came to ask for their cats back. Most of the cat owners are retired people. They are prosecuted and hurt by the criminals physically and mentally.

Therefore as a Chinese animal advocate I plea good people from around the world to commend on the issue of cat meat markets available in China with more insight view. Please understand that this is nothing related to tradition of ethnic, but humanity and justice instead. Please do not stand by the cat sellers by criticising those who campaign for the ban of cat / dog meat market in China.


Cats and dogs are treated as part of the family in most households inChina. How can you imagine that these wonderful animals and companions of our people are tortured so badly? Every day cats and dogs are hooked by the neck, skinned and thrown into boiling water, just to be made into a meal inGuangdongandGuangxiProvince, the place claimed to be one of the most developed provinces inChina, and Guangxi, a province neighbor onGuangdong. It saddens us that in this day and age animals are still being treated in this cruel manner.

Cats and dogs are stolen from households or residential areas around the country and shipped into in trucks inside cages that do not even allow them to stretch their bodies. With their arms and legs broken, most of the cats and dogs are severely injured and starved when arriving to their destined place -GuangdongProvinceandGuangxiProvince, in southernChina. Here they are sold to restaurants in different cities of this area.

Cats and dogs’ owners and carers have been fighting to end this monster-like business of stealing and slaughtering cats and dogs, but unfortunately due to lack of legislation of animal protection, they can hardly fight against the cruelty. The people in this business and those who eat cat meat and dog meat are indifferent to the suffering of the animals and their carers, even claiming that it is their individual right to choose what to eat. But this is absolute nonsense. No one should claim his right by torturing and abusing poor animals, let alone stealing and eating others’ pets without any consideration of their suffering.

Mind you, eating cat meat and dog meat is not at all the custom inChina, nor the culture. It is but the excuses of those who make profit by doing such heartless business. How can one cut a cat or a dog alive? How is it possible that this practice is still happening in the world? Anyone participating in this cannot be considered human! To not even consider the feelings of a suffering animal or its owner is a terrible thing!

We are doing all we can to urge law makers in the Guangdong Province and Guangxi Province to make it illegal to ship and sell cat meat and dog meat and any other product derived from cats and dogs. We call for all good people in the world to take a stand against this injustice against our animal friends; we need as much help as possible to support our cause!

We express our deep appreciation and thanks to the good people who have signed our petition and support us.

The following is a sample letter in English for your reference. You may sign it or write your personal opinion and send your letter directly to the government parties with the contact email addresses listed below.

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are writing to ask the NPC members (the decision makers of legislation) of theGuangdongProvinceto make a law banning the selling of cat meat and dog meat in marketplaces.Guangdongis infamous for its cat/dog meat market, where everyday thousands of cats and dogs from many places inChinaare stolen from their family’s homes and shipped by trucks or trains to local markets inGuangdong, where they are sold to restaurants and slaughtered for food. This is not a market but a criminal activity in essence. No animal should be treated in this way, and it is atrocious that people steal cats and dogs from their own homes to eat them!

This horrible act is happening now every minute inGuangdong, a place claimed to be one of the most developed provinces inChina. We urge you to stand up and help stop such barbaric practices! It is the worst treatment of our animals, as well as setting a bad example for our children, the next generation who should be growing up and learning to appreciate animals rather than eat them. Continuing this will result in a generation with no compassion or moral consideration towards animals and the fellow people alike! This cat meat business has broughtGuangdongenormous shame to its reputation. As an economically developed province with numerous metropolises that serve as commercial and tourist centrals of the country, it is preposterous that such a business like the stealing, selling and killing of cats should be occurring inGuangdong! These acts do not in any way reflect the thoughts ofChinaas a great country, and something has to be done to stop this business from developing any further!

We ask for the banning of cat/dog meat and other products derived from cats and dogs, and the same with the shipping of cats from other provinces toGuangdong. We ask for cat thieves to be caught and prosecuted. We ask the Government to educate people inChinaabout the need to respect and appreciate animals as they are also sentient beings deserved moral consideration, and to raise the awareness of abuse towards animals.

We plea with all of our hearts that you will rise up and support us on the quest to get rid of animal abuse. Hopefully there will come a time where this terrible cruelty will be put to a stop by justice.

Yours Sincerely

The contact information of Guangdong province

A. – Addressed to Mr. Zhu Xiaodan the governor of Guangdong

Mr Wang Yang the Head of Communist Party in Guangodng Province

By sending email to the following email address

E-mail: webmaster@gdfao.gov.cn (Foreign Affairs Office,People’s Government of Guangdong Province)

Or by sending email to the following email adders

cbzx@nanfangdaily.com.cn (Nanfang Daily, the crucial newspaper in the province)

gzdaily@public.guangzhou.gd.cn (Guangzhou Daily)

nfdsb@nanfangdaily.com.cn (Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

B. Addressed to the provincial officials


Mr. Guo yuewen, Deputy Executive of Provincial Committe Office


Mr. Wang Xingning, Head Secretary of Provincial Committe Office


Mr. Zhang Hui, Deputy Executive President of Provincial Committe Office


Mr. Yang Jian, Deputy Administrator of Propaganda Department


Guangzhou Daily zwzx@gzdaily.com

Guangzhou Daily Shanghai gzrbsh@163.com

Nanfang Daily

Nanfang Metroplies Email:nfd@nfdaily.cn

21 Century tips@21cbh.com

City Weekend

Yngcheng Daily baoliao@ycwb.com

Posted: 13 February 2014 (Updated: 31 December 2016)