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Petition for the Canadian pilots

Petition for the Canadian pilots

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This petition has been created by Pilotes C. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Pilotes C.
started this petition to
Gouvernement du Canada
Contact us : noforeignpilots@gmail.com

Dear Fellow Citizens and the Government of Canada,

Over the last number years, our group of Canadian pilots have been questioning the need to permit the use of temporary foreign workers (pilots) in the Canadian aviation industry. A significant number of companies have been using the TFWP, (temporary foreign worker program) over the last decade in order to reduce their operating costs; this has been detrimental for Canadians.

The manner under which these companies have taken advantage of the program can only be described as abusive and discriminatory. These companies have defended their use of the program with the simple argument that there are not enough qualified pilots in Canada. This is not the case; there are Canadian pilots who are available and qualified for these positions.

Over the last number of years many requests have been send to various Canadian Government agencies in order to obtain information in regard to the permits and authorizations granted to these foreign pilots coming to Canada to fly for Canadian companies. We have discovered that the program is used by a wide variety of operators in our industry, from a major airline to helicopter companies and to small charter companies operating in remote parts of the country.

The most shocking discovery was the justification these companies presented in order to qualify under the TFWP; in simple terms they said there were no qualified pilots in Canada. They based this on the lack of applicants after having posted the positions, however what they did not tell the Government was that the qualifications for the job were so specific and narrow in nature that it would be next to impossible for any Canadian pilot to qualify for that position. With no so-called qualified applicants for the position they were allowed to bring in foreign workers. We are asking for your help to put an end to this discriminatory practice.

Your signature on this petition will help us pressure our Government. We are asking the Government to stop issuing permits to foreign pilots until measures are put in place that can ensure Canadian citizens will get into the flight deck of a Canadian aircraft before a company is allowed to bring in foreign pilots. These measures are not adequately in place. Thank you for your support.

Please share this petition with as many as you can.

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