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City of Ottawa: Chimo Drive / Katimavik Elementary Sidewalk

City of Ottawa: Chimo Drive / Katimavik Elementary Sidewalk

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This petition has been created by Jen M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Jen M.
started this petition to
City of Ottawa, Allen hubley
I'm tired of watching children being nearly hit by cars in their way to school.

I live a few doors down from Katimavik Elementary. I watch disabled individuals, families, strollers, children alone and in groups all heading up the hill, around the blind corner towards the school using no sidewalk.

The city succumbed to the pressure of upset residents and agreed to give Chimo sidewalks except the area in front of the school leading down the road. Chimo gets sidewalks except the area with the loudest protestors. The area where we need it most. Let's take a moment to look at what's happening.

•First, you have a stop sign many people cruise through.
•Second, you have a school crossing in the middle of a hill, on a corner with no crossing guard.
•Third, you have people speeding and unreported fender benders.
•Also there are speeding signsin the middle of the road. People and cars cannot both fit to pass the sign. Do cars let pedestrians pass&quest No. The kids get squished onto the grass, which will soon be a 3 foot pile of snow. They have nowhere safe to be on this road.

Having no sidewalks mean our children are waiting on the road, alone, to catch buses.

•When you see the para&dashtranspo come for a neighbor you'll notice she's out on the road waiting.
•We have residents with walkers and strollers, ask them how many times they have nearly been clipped.
•We have an autistic boy on this street, when he's running up and down he's been told to walk on the grass. It's a shame that some residents yell at him to get off the grass. How can you vote no for a sidewalk and yell at our disadvantaged children for stepping on your grass&quest This child no longer leaves his house. At all.

I feel if a petition and anger was enough to stop the production of sidewalks then another petition with good, solid reasons highlighting the need of a sidewalk for safety reasons should rectify the situation.

Please stand with me in support of making our neighbourhood elementary school area safe. Please stand with me in the fight for a right to a sidewalk.

I know some of you voted against it but as your neighbour I'm begging you to reconsider. I am ill. I have a disabled child and neurotypical ones to. My kids are in danger every day. Traffic wasn’t such a problem but we grew and our schools split and now our road is heavy with traffic of parents rushing to get to both schools. I know many people residing on Chimo don't use the road very often, but many new and young families are moving in and as their neighbours we need to recognize that and we need to compromise.

Please think for a moment not of yourself, but the community that has to use this road. Please don’t let a child be hit before we install some measures of safety.

The paths are not safe. They are not often plowed in time. There have been reports repeatedly of predators in the back paths, my 12 yr old girl was chased by one. Also it takes the kids much longer to get to school using them, so they are forced to walk on the road which is not a safe alternative. Please, sign the new petition. Please retract your names and call Allen Hubley and ask him for a sidewalk.

Sign the petition for a sidewalk here&colon

In conclusion I would like to ask why Chimo Dr is exempt from the Ottawa Pedestrian Plan and the Transportation Master Plan that states that as a leading road from a school we must have a sidewalk&quest

I would also like to quote Allen Hubleys letter delivered on May 3, 2017 that states,
“At no time was anyone going to los their driveways or incur costs to reinstate any equipment/landscaping that is currently in place.”

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