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This petition has been created by Marcia M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Marcia M.
started this petition to
Everyone and anyone, You can write to your local current country administration

ALL of us are very important people.

WE ARE co-creating and communicating our present and future human social organism in a world wide open dialogue process. We have the means of communication, the urgency and the courage of being transforming agents while being transformed.

We are caring and sharing our wellbeing as cells of an organism.
There are sufficient resources in this abundant beautiful Planet Earth for us to be living in equality, peace and ecology.

in kinship we transform culture, manage earth's shared resources, making suggestions to achieve collective informed choices.

Some suggestions for our dialogue can be, for instance:

A) Healing hurt (ending war) "when victory is being defeated":
World wide armed forces financial and human resources transferred to the development of:
- Free Worldwide Health Care Service;
- Medical and pharmaceutic research and services collective ownership;
- Increasing equality on prevention, nutrition, sanitation, transference of skills and knowledge;

B) Social structural paradigm shift: Equality at the heart of systems of distribution and production or resources for/by the entire social organism members with a minimum wage actively providing ALL with human rights. Achieving Equality Economic Equilibrium;

C) Effective innovative Multicultural mutidimensional Educational mutual learning and innovative research across disciplines, cultures and generations;

D) Sensing earth and one another as part of a common organism keeping balance, harmony and emotional elasticity via powerful shared cultural experiences with empathy, solidarity, peace, excitement, creativity and LOVE

E) Proportionality representing the entire population diversity in ALL government administrations, and social sectors NOW.

F) Collaborating and developing green innovative environmental, real fair trade, organic, animal and Planet friendly solutions taking into consideration our planet's ecosystems idiosyncrasies;

G) Our collective creativity is dialogue transforming our collective consciousness, our cultural co-created narratives are changing our emotions and genetic code. WE ARE communicating at each moment our Century's SHARED ART WORK!!!

H) WE ARE HUMANITY itself manifested in all languages, emotions, sensations and cultures. WE ARE ALL equally unique individuals, contributing to the aesthetics and ethics of our times, with serenity and intelligence in kinship, LOVINGLY for the duration of our breath of life.

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