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This petition is closed
Director Dan Ashe USFWS: List the LION as ENDANGERED now please!

Director Dan Ashe USFWS: List the LION as ENDANGERED now please!

This petition is closed
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melody L.
started this petition to
Director Dan Ashe USFWS
Walter Palmer is not the only American convicted poacher currently slaughtering animals worldwide. Aaron Neilson has his own conviction and has now killed 15 Lion, his last with a BOW.
The media have now outed him as a convicted poacher, forger and fraudster, yet the USFWS still grant this man hunting permits to kill anything he wants in Africa.
Tanzania was advised of his convictions, yet still opened him with open arms to kill yet another of their wild lions this year.
Only 6.6% of Americans would Trophy Hunt - the rest are appalled, yet over 60% of African kills are done so by US citizens.
The USFWS is letting our wildlife down. They allow an endangered Black rhino to be killed by Corey Knowlton, they are suggesting the Lion (population estimated at 15,000) be listed as threatened, with, of course, hunting permits to still be granted.
In the US Exotic Meat Market, has posted an image of Cecil, the recently poached Lion from Zimbabwe, with the caption 'you do not need to go to Zimbabwe'. This Company, posts images of Harrison Ford, Queen Latifah, Colin Farrel and George Foreman as 'Loyal customers'. LIONS ARE BEING BRED TO MAKE INTO STEAKS IN THE USA.
The only way we can stop Lions being bred for petting, walking with and then shooting in Canned Hunts - The only way we can stop them being killed by wealthy 'Fun killers' /Trophy Hunters - The only way we can stop them being bred for HUMAN CONSUMPTION IN THE USA - the only way we can stop the African Lion from becoming EXTINCT (LESS than 1,600 in the wild - MORE than 8,000 bred for the bullet in South Africa) is for the United States Fishing and Wildlife Services to LIST THE LION AS ENDANGERED NOW!
We the undersigned demand that Director Dan Ashe lists our Lions as Endangered and stops the slaughter. Why a hunter is head of the United States Fishing and Wildlife Services is in itself a travesty
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