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The Proposed Canada RC laws are way too much

The Proposed Canada RC laws are way too much

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This petition has been created by Stephen M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Stephen M.
started this petition to
Drone enthusiasts, Pilots, RC Pilots, RC users, Drone pilots
The proposed upcoming drone laws are way too extreme mostly because a RC pilot may have to pay as much as $300.00/year just to fly a airborne RC craft.

Please keep in mind these are the lowest level of UAS laws for UAS 250g to 2lb. Which should also be increased to 3lb. 3lb is more than average than most recreational use drones.

I'll cover the laws one by one in the following, and propose changes to the laws.

Most recreational users will fit into this category. The rules that apply are easy to understand and follow. Pilots must be 14 years old or older and will be required to: mark their device with their name and contact information; This Law is completely understandable.

pass a basic knowledge test; There is a better solution, that would even save the tax payer money.
  1. Collaborate with "smart" RC producers and restrict the RC craft to Canada's drone laws. As well as notify the users of the laws before each flight in Canada.
  2. All RC craft coming into Canada must have a piece of paper with the laws on it, which must be provided by the producer
  3. Broadcast the Canadian flight laws on the news because not only do pilots need to know the laws, but so do people. This step is the most critical, as it would save a lot of time for both law enforcement and pilots.
have liability insurance; and This law needs to be changed to the following
  1. Require liability insurance if flying in urban areas "multiple buildings/Vehicles/People" in the vicinity of the flight.
  2. if the RC craft is greater than 3Lb.
I say this because insurance companies contrary to what Transport Canada said "only $50" was way out to lunch. After a lengthy amount of calls with various insurance companies the lowest rate was $90.00/year. And that was a company whom had not made up "Drone liability insurance" recently which the average cost was almost $170.00/year with $300.00/year being the highest. Which is completely ridiculous for somebody who is not flying near anything or anyone.
With this being said some housing insurance does cover this‐but for how long? Until they realize they can rip people off since they are required to have it.

fly at least: 5.5 km from airports 1.85 km from heliports 30 m from people I could not have worded this better myself.
*Note* Flight ceiling is 300ft and you cannot fly near emergencies.
For People who view the drone as invasive they also need to know that a light drone (less than 2lb) does not have a zoom(even the pricey ones). It's digital which means that at 30m away from people you look like a pixelated(if zoomed upon) ant.
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