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Dutch Government take your responsibility now! for the last 100 KNIL soldiers who are about to die..

Dutch Government take your responsibility now! for the last 100 KNIL soldiers who are about to die..

706 have signed. Let's get to 1,000,000
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This petition has been created by Peggy S. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Peggy S.
started this petition to
Mark Rutte
Only a few hundred KNIL soldiers alive...

'De Indische Kwestie' concerns two serious issues regarding compensation to the Dutch-Indonesians, for their loss and suffering during WWII under Japanese occupation in the Dutch East Indies.
1. Dutch-Indonesian government officials and soldiers, to this day, never received pay for service during the 41 months of the Japanese occupation! On the other hand, Dutch officials and soldiers who were held prisoner or detained by the Germans did receive their pay retroactively after the war from the Dutch Government.
2. The Dutch Government never compensated the Dutch people from the Dutch East Indies for private war damage. In 1951, a Dutch law was passed allowing claims for war damage due to German occupation. The Dutch people from the Dutch East Indies were excluded from receiving any compensation. Instead, the Dutch Government stated that the new and penniless Republic of Indonesia should be held responsible for their claims.
Why is it so important for you to sign the petition?
The Dutch Government has paid 5.9 billion Guilders to Dutch citizens who were victimized by the Germans during WWII. The Dutch people from their former colony of the Dutch East Indies never received a penny.
Other countries that were at war with Japan during WWII have generously compensated their countrymen who had been living in their Asian colonies. Even Portugal, a country less affluent then the Netherlands, compensated its countrymen living in Portuguese Timor and Macao during WWII. The Dutch Government should be ashamed of itself.

The major point of this initiative is to remove feelings of discrimination and inequality towards the Dutch-Indonesians and give recognition for their collective and personal grief and suffering.
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