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Environment Canada : Stop all cloud seeding operations in the province of Alberta

Environment Canada : Stop all cloud seeding operations in the province of Alberta

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This petition has been created by Venomnymous A. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Venomnymous A.
started this petition to
Environment Canada
In Alberta profit over Planet is the norm. We are no stranger to big money Companies running our Province. Which is why Alberta is the ONLY Province Cloud Seeding for Insurance Companies…

‪#‎Edmonton‬ will be the host of "Informative" Seminar on March 19th 2015 and as citizens we must educate their potential clients. Help let our controlling group of big name Insurance Companies know “we know”…

The history of Cloud Seeding in ‪#‎Alberta‬..

Alberta Agriculture funded a 5 year study called the Alberta Hail Project. The project seeded all potential hail clouds. The project ended in 1985 when it was stopped because of inconclusive scientific data. 
Because of the controversy surrounding cloud seeding, the province does NOT plan to involve itself in this activity any time soon said media relations for the Premier’s office. 

BUT in 1996, the seeding started up again – this time funded by the private insurance companies. The cloud-seeding project with a $3 million annual budget is funded by more than 20 of Alberta’s top insurance firms that represent 90 per cent of all insured companies. This includes companies like ‪#‎AMA‬ and ‪#‎TD‬Insurace.

The province, meanwhile, has no control over the privately funded program operating it’s 20th season of seeding in the region. Cloud Seeding High River to Lacombe(127km from Edmonton) from June-September. 

“It isn’t regulated by the province because it is weather. Weather is more of a federal regulation, if there is any, to be honest.” -Erin Carrier, Director of Alberta Environment. “

Despite the claim of being uninvolved, weather modification evaluations have been applied for use by ‪#‎AlbertaEnergy‬, ‪#‎AlbertaNaturalResources‬ and in oil production studies for the Alberta Oil Sands technology and Research Authority ‪#‎AOSTRA‬. Mainly entirely devoted to cloud physics technology and efficency of suppression with very little enviromental impact studies done . Some of the computer programs have even been used by ‪#‎Syncrude‬ and other companies for oil production "studies".

Although Clouds across the globe have been seeded for 60 years to increase rainfall and reduce hail, there is no scientifically credible proof it works. When studying the efficacy and consequences of cloud seeding experiments, experimenters tend to be biased in saying cloud seeding with silver iodide enhances precipitation without negative consequences. However, much of the literature substantiates that not only does cloud seeding fail to achieve the desired effect, it also yields harmful consequences. Some of these consequences include rain suppression, flooding, tornadoes, and silver iodide toxicity. 

According to the Colorado National Park Service and the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable, the result of cloud seeding with silver iodide and runoff have adverse effects on the water, soil, and flora and fauna. In fact, in the 1980s the Center for Disease Control had hoped that silver toxicity would be reduced nationally based on a reduction of cloud seeding activity. 
Samples from rural and urban area both adjacent to and removed from activities and found “concentrations in precipitation resulting from seeding clouds with silver iodide were 10-450 ng/L compared with concentrations of 0-20ng/L without cloud seeding. That translates in 10 to 225 times greater silver concentration in those areas.

Cloud seeding over Kosciuszko National Park - a Biosphere Reserve - is problematic in that several rapid changes of environmental legislation were made to ENABLE the "trial." Environmentalists were concerned about the uptake of elemental silver in a highly sensitive environment affecting the pygmy possum amongst other species as well as high level algal blooms in ONCE pristine glacial lakes. Formerly, cloud seeding was rejected in Australia on environmental grounds because of concerns about the protected species, the pygmy possum.

Silver leaches into groundwater, streams, soil, and the root systems of plants. Crops grown on soils with elevated silver concentrations or exposed to high ambient atmospheric concentration are likely to become enriched with silver. Fallout from cloud seeding with silver iodide is not always confined to local precipitation; silver residuals have been detected several HUNDRED kilometers downwind of seeding events(rememberLacombe is 127km from Edmonton).

Obviously the cloud-after-cloud, year-after-year use of cloud seeding could lead to an insidious, cumulative effect. Especially when the same area is repeatedly seeded. If the toxicity manifests in pollution and illnesses, the effects may not be reversible. 

To effectively monitor the levels of silver toxicity, at the very minimum, water samples should be taken on a monthly basis from every dam, creek, stock tank, and other water capture places in the respective district while cloud seeding is being conducted. Also, soil samples should taken. 

If the public is to allow the spreading of this toxic material, monitoring should be required and published to protect the public health and private lands. The cloud seeding program is over private land without voter approval or land owners permission. 

For years there has been a war in the sky, pilots armed with silver iodide carry out long aerial campaigns, assaulting young cloud formations with a bombardment of toxic chemicals and for what? A small chance they might suppress hail, yes hail... Hail can be very damaging to property and cost millions in damages, damages covered by our insurance companies. Insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying out customers, even if it means poisoning our Earth for a chance to avoid so. 
This is economic over ethics, this is wealth over Health and profit over planet. With 90% of insurance companies in on this, it's time we speak out and get this privately funded program to stop before we all suffer the effects. The time is NOW. Albertans will you stand up against this abhorrent abuse of our skies?

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