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Everyone: for Peace and Planet

Everyone: for Peace and Planet

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This petition has been created by William P. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
William P.
started this petition to

“Peace and Planet”

"People's Climate March" 21 September and petition for UN climate meeting: see end of first section below.

Global warming is the biggest problem we have ever faced, and the last problem we will ever face if we don’t act NOW.

Arctic methane positive feedback has already started and is increasing exponentially. We urgently need peace and cooperation among all nations to solve the enormously important issue of global warming.

I” am part of the problem - and the solution. What can “I” do? We simply need to make a ‘perfect people world’. Remember, ultimately, decisions are not made by corporations and governments, they’re made by people, individuals, “I” – and “I” can change.

Global human activity is far greater than the planet can support. In 2014, Earth Overshoot Day occurred on 19th August. The result is an increase in CO2 and a breakdown of planetary life-support systems, causing positive feedback processes that can make things even worse.

Arctic methane release is now the greatest danger to life on the planet.

· More than 90% of global warming is going into the oceans,

· greenhouse gas emissions from North America are causing a massive increase in Gulf Stream transport of warm water into the Arctic Ocean,

· producing catastrophic temperature anomalies in the Arctic and exponentially increasing release of methane from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, the deep sea and the earth mantle,

· spreading a global warming veil of methane down over the planet,

· with methane moving up into the stratosphere via a giant ozone hole in the west Pacific,

all of which is leading, under ‘business as usual’, to planetary extinction in the 2040’s/50’s – if “I” don’t get the message for change out, NOW.

Countries, corporations, media and “you and I” all need to cooperate, creatively, so we can establish a long-term state of peace with the planet.

For details of the problem, the latest research and a way each person (“I”) can make a real and positive contribution,

see: <www.earthsight.org> .

For action you can take, see:

<www.avaaz.org/en/petition/discuss_avaaz_support_your_community_your_country_your_planet> .

Sign this petition and share with friends, colleagues, ‘people who should know’.

Until September 21 also sign the Avaaz petition:


and look for an event near you:



Our ongoing war against the planet, the origins of which can be traced back to the industrial revolution, is worse than genocide or ecocide, it is veritable ‘futurecide’.

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2014 report says that +4ºC by 2100 is quite possible, as a direct result of human activity. What they don’t say is that this degree of warming would mean the virtual collapse of agriculture, our economy and our civilisation.

Bringing together the massive amount of research needed to produce the IPCC report takes years, so the most recent observations concerning methane are not included. In the last 3 years, methane release from East Siberia and the Arctic Ocean has expanded enormously – and continues to increase exponentially (see details in "Arctic Methane Earthsight" on <www.earthsight.org>.

Arctic climate scientists are now saying we face an extinction event starting by 2040 – or “at any time”. We need immediate and close – peaceful! – cooperation among the Arctic nations of Europe, Russia and North America, to find a way to limit methane release and assure a future for all life. Combined with this urgent and specific task, all nations and all individuals must find ways to reduce our overall human impact on planetary systems, which is the underlying cause of global warming.

In the face of impending catastrophe, nations need to put aside ideological and geopolitical interests, corporations need to assure their activities do not endanger the planet and media needs to present information that does not form opinion, but informs independent judgement. We need to reinvent the world we have created.

In addition to countless wars there has long been a permanent war of exploitation against our planet and against large segments of global society. It is time to stop, to work for peace and to make amends.

Ask our politicians to stop fomenting conflicts and encouraging the devastation of our environment. We have to ask this loud enough to be heard.

Share this information as widely as possible, both with people you know and people who should know. Each person can do something. It is my planet and my future. “I” am responsible.

Form a small group to study this problem. To share knowledge with others and learn from them, each member can form a separate small group and carry the best ideas from one group to another, and so on.

See: <www.earthsight.org> .

Sign this petition and share with friends, colleagues, ‘people who make decisions


What is the cause of global warming and conflict, of war against the planet and war against each other?

This question is really important. We are the first species in the history of life on Earth to be responsible for a mass extinction, the Anthropocene, the 6th mass extinction. We know it is happening and we are doing nothing. Why?

The problem, the dysfunction, is in the individual, but it is amplified when “I” act as part of an organisation whose interests are, even in part, contrary to those of ‘people and planet’. I become in part responsible when I simply do a ‘good job’, or just go along, without examining the ‘externalities’: the effects of the ideas, decisions, processes or products of my organisation.

What can “I” do?

Change can be easy, even pleasant and rewarding. We simply need to make a ‘perfect people world’. A world in which each individual person is respected and given value. A world in which each species is protected and given its appropriate space. A world in which all of the planetary systems supporting and enriching life are allowed to flourish.

This world could be almost perfect, everyone would be much happier, and, if we act very very - very - fast, we have a good chance of avoiding the worst effects of global warming.

That sounds like a win-win-win solution!

Change starts here, and now, with me! If I change, the world changes. And change occurs when I am maximally creative, attentive to my own “flash of insight”, my own inner wisdom – which is the wisdom of the planet, here, now. This can be called “Earthsight”.

In the Arctic, things are moving fast. We need information! See: <www.earthsight.org> . If we don’t know, we won’t do anything.

My action can begin by simply starting or joining a small group to ‘see the world in a different way’. "Creative Discussion" is one way of doing this: see "Discuss Avaaz": <www.avaaz.org/en/petition/discuss_avaaz_support_your_community_your_country_your_planet> .

Start a ‘movement’ for signing this petition so everyone can take climate change seriously and ‘do something’.

Please take any action you can to promote a local and global response to the climate emergency.


“Everyone for Peace and Planet”.


What I do is important. I can make a difference. For more details:

· the state of knowledge on global warming and Arctic methane release

· links to important papers

· continually updated observations and research on Arctic climate change

· an understanding of our human dysfunction

· helping your organisation to help the planet

go to: <www.earthsight.org>

William Plain

<www.creativediscussion.org> & <www.earthsight.org>

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