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This petition is closed
The current no longer flows between HQ and IEC! Thank you!

The current no longer flows between HQ and IEC! Thank you!

This petition is closed
430 Supporters

Coalition B.
started this petition to
Éric Martel, CEO of Hydro-Québec, Jonatan Julien, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Jacynthe Côté, Chair of Hydro-Québec’s Board of Directors
The cybersecurity agreement between Hydro-Québec and Israel Electric Corporation, expiring on May 22, 2019, has not been renewed, and its content is now public.
This double victory of the BDS Quebec Coalition, the result of a collective effort, is also your victory.
We thank you very much for your support, whether personally or on behalf of an organization.

[En français : bit.ly/petition-hq-iec-fr]

Mr. Éric Martel, Ms. Jacynthe Côté, Mr. Jonatan Julien, we urge you to terminate the partnership agreement in the field of cyber security concluded on May 22, 2017 between Hydro-Québec and Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

Because Quebeckers demand justice and are committed to respect for human rights and international law .
  • Since 1948, Israel has repeatedly violated with impunity resolutions adopted by the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council and continues to ignore the International Court of Justice's condemnation of its policies.

Because this memorandum of understanding is in fact a contract between two states: Quebec and Israel .
  • The cooperation agreement was signed as part of the May 2017 economic mission to Israel and the West Bank by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, in his presence.

Because the transparency promised by the Quebec government must not be an empty word.
  • Hydro-Québec refuses to disclose the content of its partnership agreement with IEC in contravention of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information to which it is subject, which is to say the least, disturbing.

Because cyber security has a darker aspect: cyber warfare , and the distinction between these two dimensions is particularly porous in Israel.
  • While it is undeniably relevant and important - given the increase in cyber crime and cyber threats - for our state-owned corporation to acquire - through international cooperation, knowledge and tools at the cutting edge - to better protect its infrastructures and systems, the fact remains that Québec can and must choose the states with which it cooperates on cyber security.

Because IEC, a state-owned company, is partly responsible for the state of Israel's abuses towards the Palestinian population .
  • IEC regularly cuts electricity in Gaza.
  • IEC frequently cuts electricity in the West Bank.
  • IEC electrifies the "Wall of Shame" between Israel and Palestine.
  • IEC has supplied electricity to illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.
  • IEC supplies the Israeli army with electricity.
  • IEC is working closely with the National Cyber Security Authority on military cyber defenses (IDF), intelligence services (Mossad) and the Water Authority.

Because Hydro-Québec is our business .
  • We refuse to have its image and reputation tarnished because of its unfortunate association with a morally and legally undesirable company.

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