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UK Parliament: Please stop the 'accidental' persecution of the disabled & their family carers, ta.

UK Parliament: Please stop the 'accidental' persecution of the disabled & their family carers, ta.

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This petition has been created by Alex T. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Alex T.
started this petition to
UK Parliament (Health + Local Government Secretaries)
Sadly, some years ago my lovely, severely and chronically disabled wife, Nicole (who loved to read),was mugged just outside our home and her skull was badly fractured. As a result, she has advanced MS and Parkinson’s disease, which I lovingly do most of the Personal and Nursing care for, as she is no longer able to use her hands or legs, with most bodily functions being affected - so i read to her instead.

Here in the UK, our politics on the disabled and their family carers can appear to be a bit like the England national football team ie. kick it into the long grass + repeat the same mistakes + flatter to deceive + a state of denial.

These are key extracts from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Inquiry report on the UK, issued on the 6th Oct 2016 :

VII. E: Systematic violations of the Convention 113. –
“Consequently, the Committee considers that
there is reliable evidence that the threshold of grave or systematic violations of the rights of persons with disabilities has been met in the State party.”

VIII. F: Recommendations. – “Ensure access to justice, by providing appropriate legal advice and support, including
through reasonable and procedural accommodation for persons with disabilities seeking redress and reparation for the alleged violation of their rights, as covered in the present report

These are key extracts from the House of Commons Briefing Paper 27 March 2017 on the United Nations CRPD inquiry:

Section 3.1 United Nations CRPD General Findingsdisabled people in the UK continue to face “Increasing hostility, aggressive behaviour and sometimes attacks to their personal integrity”

Section 4. What happens next? “To date, there has been no debate in Parliament on the CRPD report on the committee’s findings”

9thJan 2017, The British Red Cross described the NHS as facing "a humanitarian crisis'. Nicole was in hospital on that date and it was in crisis and she suffered on several occasions whilst there, as a result.

Nicole and I met with our local MP Ruth Cadbury on 24th March 2017 to discuss our detailed, reliable evidence for the following:
  • The frequent miscommunication, gross falsification of evidence and/or events, as well as the inaccurate recording of information about us by Local Authorities & associated partners in the West London area involved in health and social care services.
  • The disproportionate and grossly inappropriate civil proceedings against us for matters directly relating to Nicole’s highly disabled status as result of falsified evidence used by Local Authorities in the West London Area.
  • The significantly worrying levels of neglect experienced by Nicole at two local hospitals in the West London area.
  • The substantial amount of unnecessary and time‐consuming paperwork & bureaucratic processes involved in shielding Nicole from the unpleasantness outlined above.

Our MP, who for the time being is Ruth Cadbury, said to us at the time that she was keen to ask questions and make progress on the plight of carers and the distress caused to their frail and disabled loved ones. Our MP told us that she plans to do this in the near future by discussing matters in Parliament and would want to cite some of our personal experiences to support this........ but i don't see anything happening sometime soon enough to help some of the most frail and compromised in UK society today. She also stated that it appeared to be a ‘British’ thing to create protracted bureaucratic processes, but reassured us that they were not designed to waste inordinate amounts of our time, nor to make things inaccessible ‐ yet the effects are the same, with the clear and present danger that further ‘unintentional’ harm to Nicole’s health and well‐being by those local state authorities, could then give them ‘license’ to ‘place’ Nicole into a ‘care’ home, and use our home to pay for the level of loneliness, neglect and other nasty forms of abuse that has all too frequently gone on behind UK care home crisis doors.

Sometimes, some questions/debates in Parliament are not so well attended and/or received and/or progressed in a timely manner. That said, I + I tentatively welcome the news reports on Sunday 7th May 2017 suggesting that there could be a revolution in Social Care and Mental Healthcare, with policies being fast‐tracked to address the priority needs for some of the most frail and/or compromised in our society today.

So, let’s help all our MPs (whoever she or he maybe), by adding our e.voices, to ensure that this grave matter is given the full, frank and fair consideration it deserves, and in a timely manner too.

In a supposedly benevolent and rich country, why is that so many frail and disabled people like my lovely wife feel significant levels of fear and concern as a result of their respective experiences at the hands of Local Government processes and systems. Certainly, you may also wish to contact your MP and/or others that care and make them aware of the contents of this petition.


Al + Nicole

Posted: 28 March 2017 (Updated: 18 September 2017)