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Hong Kong: Ban Fur Trade
香港: 禁止毛皮貿易

Hong Kong: Ban Fur Trade 香港: 禁止毛皮貿易 :

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Alex H.
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Hong Kong: Ban Fur Trade 香港: 禁止毛皮貿易
Hong Kong touts itself as the world's number one fur trading hub. 香港自稱是世界第一毛皮貿易中心。

With the highest volume of fur imports, re‐exports and domestic consumption of fur anywhere in the world, Hong Kong is the global epicentre of this dirty trade. 香港的毛皮進口量、轉口貿易量和城市消費量都是全球最高的,也就是說,香港是這門骯髒貿易的全球中心。

Each year, more than one billion rabbits and 50 million other animals, like foxes, seals, mink and dogs are raised on filthy fur farms in China, or cruelly trapped in the wild and killed for their fur, only to be turned into disgusting garments, useless trinkets, trims and accessories. 每年,超過10億隻兔子和5000萬隻動物,如狐狸、海豹、水貂和狗,生活在中國骯髒的毛皮養殖場、或在野外被殘酷地捕捉和殺死,就是為了把他們的毛皮, 變成令人作嘔的衣服、無實際用途的小飾品、飾件和配件。

Animals farmed for their fur in China endure a lifetime of torment, often being skinned alive and left to die. This is cruel, unnecessary, immoral and unethical, yet this behaviour is being aided and abetted by officials at Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, along with their industry cronies. 在中國,生活在毛皮養殖場的動物 一生過著難以忍受的煎熬,最後被活剝毛皮而死亡。這是極殘忍、沒必要和不道德的。偏偏香港商務及經濟發展局的官員,以及他們的業界朋友正在協助和慫恿這種不仁道的貿易。

However, many luxury fashion houses such as Gucci, Stella McCartney, Georgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford have chosen the ethical route, and are now saying “ No To Fur!然而,許多高檔時裝品牌如Gucci,Stella McCartney,Georgio Armani,Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood和Tom Ford都選擇了道德, “向皮草說不!”

Following the international trend, the U.S. cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles announced city-wide fur trade bans in 2018. 隨著國際人道潮流,美國三藩市和洛杉磯在2018年也正式宣布禁止毛皮貿易。

Buying and selling fur perpetuates the cruel and unsustainable fur trade. 購買和銷售皮草,就是支持皮草貿易這個殘酷和不可持續工業繼續存在。

That's why the Hong Kong government should legislate for a full Hong Kong fur trade ban, and cancel – once and for all – the 'Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair' in February 2019! 因此,香港政府應立法制定全面的香港皮草貿易禁令,並從2019年2月開始,永遠取消“香港國際毛皮時裝展覽會”!

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