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Tao Heung Restaurant in Hong Kong: STOP selling shark fin soup!

Tao Heung Restaurant in Hong Kong: STOP selling shark fin soup!

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This petition has been created by Andrea R. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Andrea R.
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稻香有一定的企業責任,可通過立即從所有菜單中取消魚翅湯,尤其是套餐,結束這種殘忍和不可持續的拯救鯊魚和海洋的做法。 正如香港消費者有責任停止吃魚翅一樣,像稻香這樣的飲食集團也有同等的企業責任停止銷售鯊魚。

1. 簽署此請願書
2. 向決策者發送一封電子郵件,告訴他們你的想法!


Joanne Choi,編輯


It is estimated that over 100 million sharks are killed every year and Tao Heung is one of Hong Kong's LARGEST restaurant groups with over 80 restaurants in Hong Kong AND 80 in mainland China still serving shark fin soup.

The company has resisted the trend in Hong Kong to drop shark fin soup from their set menus, ignoring the will of many Hong Kong people who are against this cruel, unsustainable and out-dated tradition.

Is Tao Heung going to wait until sharks go extinct before it admits that there is a problem?

Tao Heung has a firm corporate responsibility to end this cruel and unsustainable practice to save sharks and our oceans by immediately removing shark fin soup from all its menus, especially its set menus. Just as Hong Kong consumers have a responsibility to stop eating shark fin, restaurant groups like Tao Heung also have an equal corporate responsibility to stop selling it.

If you feel as strongly about this issue as HKSF does, please kindly
1. sign this petition AND
2. send the decision makers an email telling them what you think!

Chairman Chung Wai-Ping

Joanne Choi, Media 

Thank you!
Hong Kong Shark Foundation

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