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How to REALLY Save U.S. Army Recruiters From Preventable Suicides

How to REALLY Save U.S. Army Recruiters From Preventable Suicides

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Commander in Chief and President of the United States of America Barack Obama
U.S. Army Recruiters are recruited themselves out of the active duty ranks of the U.S. Army. The enlisted all volunteer U.S. Army is made up of Americans and legal immigrants from all walks of American society, but mainly the middle, lower middle, and lower classes with or without a high school diploma. Many Americans who enlisted during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, enlisted because there was and continues to be little work for them due to the USA's "Greatest Financial Recession". Many of these same "enlistees" were given waivers for enlistment - one out of five enlistees - for past emotional problems, drug or alcohol problems, gang affiliation, and various crimes. Other unsuspecting Army enlistees had no way of knowing that some of these same individuals could end up as their supervisors, which could lead to stressful enlistments leading to PTSD. Many Army enlistees became ill with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including those who received these waivers. Army Recruiting is a very stressful job - many Americans in targeted recruitment ages 18 - 25, are not qualified for Army recruitment due to lack of education, drug and alcohol convictions, weight problems, and criminal pasts - in fact, only one in 10 Americans are even qualified to enter the U.S. Army. To place American soldiers with PTSD in these pressure cooker Army Recruiting jobs is inviting suicide attempts and completed suicides, something the Pentagon ignored during these wars, resulting in numerous suicides throughout the nation-wide U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC). Army Recruiters must be prevented from attempting suicide and committing suicide at work and at home. The U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, and the Commander in Chief, must recognize our Army Recruiters as human beings, not pawns to be used up and then cast aside and discharged if their PTSD symptoms are aggravated and/or worsened from toxic USAREC management harassment, bullying and emotional abuse. The solution is - screen all Army Recruiters carefully to determine if they are suffering from PTSD. If they are, leave them in their tactical units while they work and recover. If they are not, ensure any programs developed to assist Army Recruiters who develop PTSD while recruiting, are properly administered to, including transfer back of a Recruiter to their tactical unit and their replacement by a U.S. civil servant recruiter, not suffering from PTSD. And finally, we hope that the U.S. Army can desist from retaliating against future Army whistle blowers who stand up and protest the abuse of disabled civil servants and the abuse of U.S. Army Recruiters with mental illnesses. That solutions lies within the U.S. Army's Inspector General Corps which regularly dismisses similar complaints such as these with no action taken, and subsequently the Army Command USAREC leadership retaliates against the whistle blower for making reports of conscience.
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