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Stop turning the Olympic Games into a competition for drug-dependent "athletes"!

Stop turning the Olympic Games into a competition for drug-dependent "athletes"!

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This petition has been created by Sergei C. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Sergei C.
started this petition to
IOC President Thomas Bach, Members of the International Olympic Committee
It is very important to stop the destruction of the health of the sportsmen of the Great Sport, to prevent violations of the Olympic Charter, the World Anti‐Doping Code and human rights, and to preserve the reputation of pure athletes.

Personal questions to the outstanding doping fighter, IOC President, Thomas Bach:

Herr Bach! After a series of publications of secret WADA and IOC documents about your heroic fight against the epidemic of severe diseases raging among athletes of the US Olympic team, we want to clarify that we did not have a goal to pay attention to all the "sick" American "champions" and, therefore, as an example, we have limited ourselves to five of them. Although there are a lot more of them and documents of several dozen of these adherents of "fair play" from the US, there are.

Today we will gladden fans of honest sports by publishing similar secret materials, now about yours, Herr Bach, compatriots ‐ athletes of the German national team. It is unfair that they remain in the shadow of the Americans all the time. You surely know each of them by name and honor their services to Deutschland.

But the majority of sports fans all over the world, including Germany itself, have no idea about the most terrible curse and crooks that have to be overcome by the German "champions" for years on the way to the podium of honor.

Take at least the swimmer of the Olympic team of Germany, Christian Reichert. Even by his frail appearance, by the expression of his eyes and unhealthy blush on his cheeks, everyone fan can immediately see that a person has a serious lung disease. And relieve him of inhuman suffering can only be a drug from the forbidden list of WADA salbutamol (salbutamol).

Or, for example, a Reichert's colleague in swimming pools, his namesake Christian vom Lehn. It turns out that he also has big problems with the lungs. But as soon as he was prescribed a glucocorticoid formoterol (formoterol), a miracle happened ‐ the poor fellow progressed so that "the patient could not be stopped"!

Since September 2009, your girl‐swimmer Franziska Nentke is breathing not with atmospheric air, but with a mixture of salbutamol and salmeterol, again, from that very forbidden list. After all, she, poor thing, has a similar problem ‐ either bronchial asthma, or (horror!) "Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease." But, thanks to the care of your doctors‐magicians, during the time of important international competitions, the ill, magically, run from Franziska far away.

We have already begun to think that respiratory diseases are a heavy burden, characteristic only for German swimmers, and, perhaps, for the teams of Norwegian skiers who are flat. But your representatives of other sports, were from the same "hospital ward". Disc thrower, track and field athlete Robert Harting, who is 201 cm tall and weighs 130 kg, has absolutely nothing to do with swimming.

However, it turned out that he is overcome by serious ailments, because of which he is forced to eat a substance with a sonorous name dexamethasone, which is used to treat:

    ‐ Addison‐Bermer disease;

    ‐ acute and subacute thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, progressive ophthalmopathy associated with thyrotoxicosis;

    ‐ bronchial asthma;

    ‐ rheumatoid arthritis in the phase of exacerbation;

    ‐ connective tissue diseases;

    ‐ autoimmune hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, aplasia and hypoplasia of hematopoiesis, agranulocytosis, serum sickness;

    ‐ acute erythroderma, ordinary pemphigus, acute eczema;

    ‐ congenital adrenogenital syndrome;

    ‐ edema of the brain, multiple myeloma, prophylaxis after bone marrow transplantation.
What do you think, Herr Bach, is your athlete Harting sick with pemphigus usual, thrombocytopenia, or, God forbid, adrenogenital syndrome? .. And what about the rest of the brigades of German asthmatics ‐ rheumatics, whose slender columns march in a big sport? Can the IOC generally legitimize the formation of individual shock teams from hospital patients? That would be a great Olympics, is not it?

Your recent touching words about the care of pure Russian athletes, Herr Bach, did not leave anyone indifferent:

"The IOC wanted to give clean Russian athletes the opportunity to compete and give the new generation of athletes in Russia the opportunity to be at the Olympic Games and be the ambassadors of the new clean Russian sport" (from the interview of the president of the IOC to Reuters on January 24, 2018)

So can you show care and compassion for a new generation of healthy German athletes and give them the opportunity to compete instead of sick "champions"?

Herr Bach, to stop the further transformation of the Olympic Games into a competition of "sick champions" from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Norway or Russia, we ask you and other IOC members to initiate the creation of the International Expert Medical Commission for an independent medical examination of all athletes from all countries that have permits for the use of banned substances for therapeutic purposes.

No doubt, such a wise and fair decision would help solve most of the scandalous problems associated with the use of doping, preserve the reputation of pure athletes and avoid further trials of violations of sports legislation and human rights.

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