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Charge David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith for crimes against Humanity

Charge David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith for crimes against Humanity

8,315 have signed. Let's get to  100,000
8,315 Supporters


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This petition has been created by Stu A. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Stu A.
started this petition to
International Court of Human Rights / Royal Courts of Justice,
United Nations

Updated 13th of October 2014. @500 signatures per day == 2000 in just four days, just goes to show how many of you care about our country!

AND NOW the NHS Nurses added to the cause to throw this government out, how can they pay the Nurses not even 1% whilst they have 10%?

TO: The Houses of Parliament, United Nations, Royal Courts of Justice, International Courts of Human Rights


we the undersigned human wo/men charge the named individuals (DAVID CAMERON & IAIN DUNCAN SMITH)

of crimes against humanity causing gross harm and distress to many vulnerable citizens breaking the common law.

we are of good character and sound mind and lawful removal of these criminals from office is our democratic and lawful duty and rights.


International Court of Human Rights / Royal Courts of Justice:

Charge David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith for crimes against Humanity and remove them from office.

#DavidCameron and #IainDuncanSmith have caused gross harm and distress a crime under the #commonlaw of the #UnitedKingdom, tens of thousands of people have been harmed, if not stopped millions of people mainly children will be in poverty by 2020.

Please really share this one 100,000 signatures are required to present this to #parliament and we intend to do so, we will not be ignored.

Tens of thousands of people have died to date as well as 15,000 children in care and counting, the vulnerable people are having their life lines cut whilst millions are wasted on #UniversalCredit, money that could have been used to build up solar infrastructure to aid the vulnerable and contribute excess power back to the grid

Many honest and hard working people are using food banks and having to claim housing benefits, enough is enough.

The Government blame each other and everyone but them selves, it is up to us to take responsibility and force them to listen to our concerns.

This #government is killing people, stealing children and all whilst paying itself 11% pay rises and polluting our water supplies, time for us to take this to the next level and start to #petition this government out of office and present this information to the courts.



http://goo.gl/pTcmby (Short URL)

https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/International_Court_of_Human_Rights_Royal_Courts_of_Justice_Charge_David_Cameron_and_Iain_Duncan_Smith_for_crimes_agains/ (Full URL)


http://pastebin.com/YLrQjNQp (This Document)


In Support of:


4000 NHS workers on strike as nurses resort to charity cash handouts to make ends meet



http://opsafewinter.org (Help the homeless)

#TheRuckSackProject (Help feed the homeless)


#NotInOurName Pro peace

#opBritain #opUKGOV #opCameron This petition and associated informations.

Abuse victim #MelanieShaw imprisoned without charges!




Fracking Hell UK


#opStolenChildren #SCOTUK Stolen Children of the UK


#DPAC Disabled people against cuts


The People Vs The Government, #DWP and #Atos (Thank you for pinning)


A letter a Day to Number 10




Amnesty International has recently passed a resolution condemning attacks on the human rights of sick and disabled people in the UK


10,600 sick & disabled people died last year within six weeks of their claim ending


David Cameron unveils plans to ban free speech and protest


Workers Suffering Severest Pay Squeeze Since Victorian Times, Say TUC


David Cameron criticised for dodgy debt claim after claiming Britain had been reducing its levels


Iain Duncan Smith's benefits chaos may cost taxpayers £1.25BILLION as Universal Credit bill soars

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Charge #DavidCameron and #IainDuncanSmith for #crimes against #Humanity help the #homeless and promote #peace


This #government is killing people, stealing children, #polluting our #water supplies and paying itself 11% pay rise http://goo.gl/pTcmby

#opStolenChildren #SCOTUK Help the Stolen Children of the UK Kick out #Cameron


#Frack off #Cameron we want you out off office sign here if you agree...


10,600 sick & #disabled people #died last year within six weeks of their #claim ending #ATOS #DWP stop it here http://goo.gl/pTcmby

More links to published media/evidence coming soon.

Please comment if you have any suggestions to enhance the delivery of the petition.

Thank you love and light.

~ Stu Art ~

Posted: 9 October 2014 (Updated: 14 April 2015)