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Kenya Bans GMO...Thank You!

Kenya Bans GMO...Thank You!

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This petition has been created by Jack W. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Jack W.
started this petition to
Public Health Minister, Beth Mugo
Dear Public Health Minister Mugo,

Your decision to ban GMOs has been called groundbreaking progress. Thank you for your courage and care in banning GMO products from Kenya until they are further tested by long-term, unbiased studies.

We must also remember that even if GMO foods are discovered to be safe for long-term human consumption, the herbicides and pesticides required for their growth are not. The danger of GMO crops also extends to the contamination of existing native, non-engineered varieties. Add to this the alarming results of the recently published French study that has informed your decision and is the only long-term feeding study on GMOs, and your decision is well-founded. With increased cancer rates and degenerative diseases already linked to pesticide and herbicide use, GMO crops represent a multi-tiered hazard.

We believe GMOs are a package of nightmares. We deeply appreciate your decision to keep your country safe from the harms of GMO crops. We hope, in fact, that your ban will be permanent seeing that we know enough already about the risks and harms that GMOs present, including that they do not increase crop yield and in fact for this very reason have led to the suicide of hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers.

We support you, and all countries that resist GMOs, in continuing to set a high level of integrity as an example for the rest of world.

With Hope for Our Future,

The Concerned Citizens of the World

in solidarity with GEM: https://www.facebook.com/pages/GMO-Eradication-Movement-GEM/317544958304228?fref=ts
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