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SE ASIAN Torture Culture - taught to kids

SE ASIAN Torture Culture - taught to kids

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This petition has been created by Occupy U. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Occupy U.
started this petition to
Korean Parliamentarians for People Children Environment, AFFPD Asian Forum , President Geun Hye Park South Korea, UN Court of Child Rights
#stopBokNaL2015 #worseThanYulin #DogMeatTortureFest

1. Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD)

2. President Geun Hye Park South Korea

3. UN Court of Human Rights (CHILD)

4. Korean Children People Environment

You say you are the Parliamentarians and politicians, who care about People Children and The Environment. But you do not care about dogs and cats. And you allow children to learn disgusting and barbaric traditions. They say torturing dogs is their cultural heritage. And you allow them to attend disgusting and barbaric festivals because it is their cultural heritage. It makes people in the international community very angry and very sad. It makes people think South Korea is a nation of torturers. You are insulting and undermining the great work of UNSG Ban Ki Moon also from South Korea. He cares about the environment including the animals.

Ban Ki Moon talks about Civil Society and Sustainable Agriculture, in the new UN Agenda. For 2015 UN Development. He says Sustainable Agriculture includes animal welfare. Dogs and cats are not agricultural animals and should NOT be eaten! UNSG cares about Animal Welfare and the extinction of animals. In 2015 he wants an end to old mindsets. The old mindset is alive in South Korea in the dog and cat meat trade and taught to children. Ban Ki Moon's Millenium Youth. In South Korea, during BOK Festivals, dogs are burned alive at stakes in front of children. Cats are cooked alive for medicine - this is legal. Sticks are also sold with toy dogs so the children can hit their toy dogs.

The eyes of the world are on you South Korea. Do you want to be seen in the international community as a nation of animal torturers. Please make all torture of dogs and cats and all animals, punishable. Including skinning alive, steaming alive, beating alive (at home and in restaurants or meat sellers) of dogs and cats (and all animals) in South Korea. And ban torture of dogs and cats at your Summer Cultural Festivals.

Too many South Korean young people are still learning cultural torture. Can you be proud of this culture? This goes against everything that UNSG Ban Ki Moon wants for the children and the planet in 2015. Korea it is not 1520?

Please BAN the culture of torturing dogs and cats. Please BAN children learning this disgusting and heinous and sick minded culture. Please make it illegal for all ages. Including adults.

We have many photos that South Korean people posted, about torturing dogs and frogs. They post it on social media because it is their cultural heritage and they are proud. And because you have allowed it to be legal. Why do you turn a blind eye? The new UN agenda also speaks of democratic governance and an end to corruption.

Many animals are facing extinction because of eating habits in South East Asia. In South Korea special and rare wild Frogs are also steam cooked alive for ancient remedies and tonics including by children. It is a disgrace what happens to the animals in South Korea. It is disgraceful for children to be taught to cook frogs alive. What are you teaching them at school about animals?

These children, and adults, and governments themselves are breaking the World Animal Health Organization in Paris OIE Terrestrial Code number 7.

Your country sends technology all over the world but your children are still learning this disgusting cultural traditions. They photograph the torture on their Samsung phones and upload it to social media to upset people, because they know that the governments does not care, and they are allowed to do it, because it is their culture. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this to continue with no punishment in place.

We petition the UN Court of Human Rights (of the Child) to help us make the teaching of South Korean children, to boil dogs and cats, illegal. To help stop South Korean children attending festivals where dogs are cooked alive. To help ban South Korean children at family parties and festivals, cooking dogs and cats alive. To ban/make illegal including children being taught to boil wild frogs alive for medicine.

In light of global warming, people around the world should be eating hardly any meat and animal products, and much more plant based food. Please ban all eating of dogs and cats, and endangered wild frogs in Korea! Stop boiling everything alive in South Korea. Most people on social media now say they want to boil the South Koreans alive.

This petition is endorsed by UK Lawyer J de Cadenet CEO of The World Protection of Dogs and Cats In The Meat Trade UK Registered Charity https://notodogmeat.wordpress.com/our-charity/ 1154524

This petition is sent in conjunction with other petitions from the above, and letter from them.

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