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This petition is closed
Mohammed Tucker: Please help my brother

Mohammed Tucker: Please help my brother

This petition is closed
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Taz E.
started this petition to
Mohammed Tucker
My name is Tariq and I am trying to get help for my brother from the mental health team. My brother has serious mental health issues and is not getting the help that he needs.

* Mohammed has been ill for some time now and is being prescribed medication for it. Therefore his GP is subconsciously agreeing that he has mental health issues.

* He has had several concerning episodes that have driven me to try and get him sectioned under the mental health act or given some sort of constant care, wether it be a 'live in' rehab, before he ends up killing himself or another innocent person. I will share a few of these for you.

* He was found in my mum's house drinking bleach as he believes it helps him sleep.

* He barricaded himself in my mum's bedroom with a huge amount of class A drugs and was swallowing them. We contacted the police and after several hours in negotiation he agreed to go to hospital with the police. The police didn't believe he was fit to be arrested and took him to hospital (which explains in itself that he has serious mental health issues). Whilst at the hospital Mohammed had a paranoid schitzofrenic episode and believed an innocent patient was after him. The patient had pneumonia and Mohammed attacked the patient. Causing the patient and his partner serious distress.

* Mohammed had another episode when he walked into Bristol police station brandishing a knife and was threatening to kill himself or the police officers.

* He overdosed on prescription medication and was seriously assaulted whilst unconcious. He was rushed to hospital and mentally assessed a few days later. When he recovered, the mental health team deemed him seriously unwell and had a bed for him at Wonford house mental hospital in exeter. At the last minute they withdrew the bed and gave us no reason whatsoever for the withdrawal.

These are just a few points of interest. There are many many more episodes that he has had.

He has explained to me that he doesn't want to be in this world anymore and has nothing to live for.

On August the 11th 2017 Mohammed was reported missing from Exeter. He was found on the 2nd of September when he was admitted to hospital with an overdose on prescription medication. The mental health team assessed him and deemed him fit and well and released him with more medication. He has overdosed on prescription medication 3 times in this month alone. He has been rushed into hospital and then been subsequently discharged a day or two later with 'more prescription medication' ie anti‐psychotic pills, pregabelin etc.

I have warned his GP on several occasions that he misuses his medication and is using it to try and kill himself. He has since changed his GP and they are still sending him away with medication.

Mohammed needs medication but is unable to self medicate. If they carry on sending him away with the medication he will kill himself eventually. Remember Mohammed has a family that cares about him. There are so many victims in this and it's affecting our lives dramatically.

I have got to the point where I have started recording conversations with the mental health team (with permission) because I believe they can do more but they are choosing not to. The end result of this is that he kills someone or himself and then there will be some serious questions that need answering. I really don't want it to get to that point.

Please could you help me and sign this petition to help me get Mohammed the help that he needs before it's too late.

Some people will feel like he is a drain on the budget but just remember he doesn't want to be like this. He is a human being and he's unwell.

I have seen so many cases recently where the mental health team are failing and l completely understand there are limited beds and funding is short but this is a matter that really needs to be addressed. This case is an urgent one and I am desperate for help.

Since starting this petition I've heard so many cases where others like my family have been failed and I am trying to raise as much awareness as possible about this issue.

Thank you
Tariq El‐zahri

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