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Pope Francis, via F. Chullikatt, permament observer of the Holy See to UN : Comply with the recommendation of the UN reg

Pope Francis, via F. Chullikatt, permament observer of the Holy See to UN : Comply with the recommendation of the UN reg

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This petition has been created by David W. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
David W.
started this petition to
Pope Francis, via F. Chullikatt, permament observer of the Holy See to UN
While much justified coverage has been devoted to child abuse by members of the Catholic clergy, a separate issue, with again children as the main victims, has so far largely remained a taboo issue- the discrimination faced by children whose father is or was a catholic priest.
But there are tens of thousands of people worldwide, whose father is or was at the time of their birth a catholic priest, or a member of an religious order. To these children, such fundamental human and civil rights as to have (open) contact with one's father, to establish a family identity, and to receive child support and to later inherit, are being denied. The roman catholic church puts tremendous pressure on the fathers, mothers and children to keep the identity of the child secret, and often actively hinders the respective father to properly support his child, both emotionally and financially. If child support is being paid, it's almost always attached to the condition that the identity of the father be kept secret. This discrimination has also only been possible, because the policy of the church has not been sufficiently sanctioned and thereby prevented by courts and goverments.
It is almost revolutionary therefore that the UN convention on the right of the child, in a report of February 2014, exhorted the Vatican on the rights of children of priests, and "recommends that the Holy See assess the number of children fathered by Catholic priests, find out who they are and take all necessary measures to ensure that the rights of those children to know and to be cared for by their fathers is respected, as appropriate. The Committee also recommends that the Holy See ensure that churches no longer impose confidentiality agreements as a condition to providing mothers with financial plans to support their children".
This appeal can be a real breakthrough, but was largely kept under wraps by the mainstream media. I therefore ask you to help us increase the pressure on the Vatican, by demanding that it comply with the UN recommendation, and to with your signature also put pressure on courts and goverments worldwide, to more consequently apply existing laws to the catholic church, when this is necessary to protect children of priests from discrimination.

You can read more about HUMAN RIGHTS FOR CHILDREN OF PRIESTS on our blog http://humanrightsforchildrenofpriests.wordpress.com/ . And you can find the report of the UN committee via this link, http://tbinternet.ohchr.org/Treaties/CRC/Shared%20Documents/VAT/CRC_C_VAT_CO_2_16302_E.pdf , see chapter C, subitem 33 and 34
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