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This petition is closed
Cabo Pulmo=1 / Tourist Resort=0

Cabo Pulmo=1 / Tourist Resort=0

This petition is closed
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Miguel R.
started this petition to
Great news! On June 15th President Calderón publicly announced the cancellation of the tourist resort that threatened the marine reserve in Cabo Pulmo. According to BBC News, he said "because of its size we have to be absolutely certain that it wouldn't cause irreversible damage, and that absolute certainty simply hasn't been proved".

This is a great victory for Mexican environmentalists and the local community living around Cabo Pulmo, and although I really don't know if this little petition helped in some way in bringing this decision, I would like to personally thank all the thousands of people across the world who deemed it worthy of support.

In the future we should remain vigilant to ensue the Mexican government keep up with their word, lest this only turns into a temporary halt while the eyes of the world are focused in the G20 summit currently celebrating in Los Cabos.

Muchísimas gracias :)


Cabo Pulmo is a marine reserve located in the Mexican state of Baja California, and enjoys such an incredible biodiversity that it's considered the most robust marine reserve in the world ; now this ecological treasure is threatened to be destroyed by a Spanish real state company planning to build a giant tourist resort and a marina dock.

The Mexican government has always wished to maintain a public image of ecological awareness, yet in the end immediate economic gain ends up weighing more in their decisions than the long-term protection of the environment. Help us bring this to light so that Cabo Pulmo's richness may be preserved for the benefit of future generations.


Cabo Pulmo es una reserva marina ubicada en el estado mexicano de Baja California. Goza de una biodiversidad tan increíble que es considerada la reserva marina más robusta de todo el planeta. Pero ahora este tesoro ecológico está en serio riesgo de destrucción. Una empresa española de bienes raíces está planeando construir un complejo turístico gigante y un muelle para la reserva marina.

El gobierno mexicano siempre ha querido mantener una imagen pública de conciencia ecológica. Pero al final, el interés por tener un lucro económico inmediato termina siendo más importante que la protección del medio ambiente. Ayúdanos a sacar este tema a la luz pública para asegurar que las riquezas de Cabo Plumo sean preservadas para el goce de las generaciones futuras.
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