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This petition is closed
Reset the Gregorian calendar

Reset the Gregorian calendar

This petition is closed
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john T.
started this petition to
Sir Paul Nurse, The Royal Society
261 years ago members of the Royal Society made a frightful blunder which the current president, Sir Paul Nurse, can now help set right. At midnight on the 2nd of September, 1752, the Governing Council of the academy adopted the Gregorian calendar for the British Empire, and through that the world at large. It was and remains a measure of time far superior to the Julian calendar, albeit with one catastrophic flaw: 1A.D was not the dawn of the Common Era. A debate to find a new waypoint is needed, but as a suggestion the etched 15,000 year old Thaïs bone might well be considered. Credited by UNESCO as “the [oldest] time-factored sequence currently known” the Thaïs bone is evidence a nameless ancestor of yours and mine was looking up and over a 3½ year period systematically wrestling some order from the celestial chaos passing overhead. It is a moment manifestly more deserving of celebration than 1B.C/1A.D, and although just a motion it’d mean this year not in fact 2013, rather 15013.
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