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This petition is closed
Stop abusing baby Elephants for the tourist trade in Thailand

Stop abusing baby Elephants for the tourist trade in Thailand

This petition is closed
9,110 Supporters

Alia B.
started this petition to
Wildlife1 Foundation
I am delighted to say I reached my goal and have had such lovely messages for so many who have signed. We must never stop animals being abused, no matter what.


The abuse done to baby elephants torn from their mothers, starved for days and beaten whilst tied up is absolutely appalling! Elephants are gentle animals and very family orientated, to lose their mothers and then be treated like this is dreadful. And for what? To parade them before tourists, perform tricks, keep them in horrible places with not enough care and food. NO. Enough. Human beings are the worst species in the world.

I am already in contact with groups in Thailand wanting to help and with the Tourist bureau. I am also fighting against the usage of amphetamines for elephants in the illegal logging trade in Thailand. The elephants are literally worked with the use of a lot of amphetamines and look dreadfully thin and very stressed. A tv programme from Spanish television, called Frank de la Jungla, (Frank Cuesta is a man who is a wildlife specialist living in Bangkok), showed the horrors of the logging trade. Elephants helped enormously in the rebuilding of the areas hit by the tsunami, however, unlike them, it seems humans have short memories! It would never have gone so quickly if not for these wonderful animals.

We owe it to our animals in all countries on our earth, to help and protect them any way possible. Please share and sign..... The photo is to show what is being done, the ones from Thailand are horrendous, so I have not posted them

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