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Save the world. Seriously.

Save the world. Seriously.

156 have signed. Let's get to 7,112,000
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This petition has been created by Huck M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Huck M.
started this petition to
Pope Francis, Mark Zuckerberg
Planet Earth is the source and base of all life on earth.
We humans have become very powerful and very helpless. We are part of the natural world and are supposed to live in harmony with everything and each other.
We were all born good and naked, yet we use our energy to fight about our differences. Yet we live in a material world, filled with need, greed and wanting. We all know how to be good and we all know that we have to change.
Only if Earth benefits from us can we and Earth survive. We have changed the world so much that now the world needs us to change.
Like the smoker can only stop smoking after deciding to do so, we have to decide to change our way now.
We have to immideately decide for world peace and we have to stop all war and all fighting. We have to use our energy to act as one. We have to start being good again to each other and to the world. We have to stop taking, selling and buying and start sharing and giving.
We have to consult the few who still know how to live in harmony and balance with the natural world. We have to remember how to communicate with the natural world.
This is not only about us humans. Nature needs us to change. We need us to change. We all know this. We only have to decide to do so.
We can all act without leaders. But our leaders shall help by leading the new way to go.
We are in need of a world conference, where we will decide for total world peace and a lifestyle in balance and harmony with the rest of nature.
Chosen as representatives of the powerful, we ask Pope Francis and Mark Zuckerberg, to organize this conference and bring political and religiuos leaders to one table.

Understanding, signing, forwarding and translating this petition shall change your life and the world.

This is really important and urgent.

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