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This petition is closed
Shutterstock.com team: Protecting of copyright on Shutterstock.

Shutterstock.com team: Protecting of copyright on Shutterstock.

This petition is closed
50 Supporters

Virnik V.
started this petition to
Shutterstock.com team
Dear Shutterstock.com team,

At the moment, the watermark used in the preview function recently implemented on shutterstock site actually has failed in its main purpose: it is hardly visible, if at all, and it can be easily removed, even without complex manipulations just by downsizing the preview image.

As a result, we feel that our works are now unprotected, exposed to public access and available for download to anyone.

We have specified the list of proposals that we would like to see implemented as soon as possible:

1. Make watermarks larger and more noticeable:

• Reduce the pitch of the watermark grid to 100 pixels for more reliable protection of icon sets.
• Increase the width of the grid lines to 5 pixels.
• The lines of the watermark should be contrast to the background. The pixels of the lines should have at least 15 levels of brightness in contrast to the surrounding pixels.

2. Inform contributors about any changes on the web site relating to copyright before such changes actually made.

Contributors who have signed this petition suspend uploading of the new images until the elimination of the negative consequences produced by Shutterstock.com.

Looking forward to your cooperation
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