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South African President Jacob Zuma: Presidential Protection for All Tuskers & Emerging Tuskers (Elephants)

South African President Jacob Zuma: Presidential Protection for All Tuskers & Emerging Tuskers (Elephants)

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This petition has been created by CJ C. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
started this petition to
South African President Jacob Zuma
South Africa is home to a rich diversity of Wildlife, and some of the most Iconic Elephants on the planet.

The increase in poaching for ivory is suddenly on our doorstep, and there is a very real threat that we could lose some of our most important elephants to this crime against our National Heritage.

The value of Tuskers has been highlighted in the recent outcry against the proposed hunt of a Tusker in the Timbavati Reserve . This planned hunt is also what prompted this petition.

We Implore you to NOT allow any of our Tuskers, Emerging Tuskers or Super&dashTuskers to be Trophy Hunted.

Instead, we respectfully request that you afford these irreplaceable Elephants your full
PRESIDENTIAL PROTECTION, so that these iconic animals may prosper and carry on their elusive gene to their offspring. There is no better way to show them the respect they deserve than to let them live out their natural lives in peace.

The survival of these animals is of critical importance in the maintenance of healthy, balanced wild elephant populations &dash and as an added bonus acts as a huge draw&dashcard which greatly benefits tourism revenues.
There is only an estimated 30 of these elephants left in South Africa &dash thus we cannot afford to lose even one&excl
Tuskers play important roles in Elephant Families&colon
* They transfer their vast knowledge and experience over to the younger bulls;
* The Tusker genes are transferred to their offspring
* They can still successfully reproduce at age 50 &dash 60 years
* They mentor young bulls in hierarchy, behavioural and social skills
* We have a vast amount to still learn about the exact impact their presence has on the health of the herd, or the wild populations as a whole
* They are irreplaceable, and when they are gone they will be gone forever&excl
* The Tourism revenue via photographic safaris from one such an Elephant far outweighs any short&dashterm benefit that may be gained from selling it as a trophy. 

We, the undersigned, stand United as an International Voice requesting your Assistance in this matter.

''The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands''

Photograph&colon Please contact me for credit

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