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This petition is closed
South African Cabinet Approves Labeling Illegal Israeli Settlement Goods!

South African Cabinet Approves Labeling Illegal Israeli Settlement Goods!

This petition is closed
50 Supporters

Jonathan D.
started this petition to
Dr. Rob Davies; Minister of Trade and Industry; South Africa
On Wednesday 22 August 2012, the South African cabinet approved the Department of Trade and Industry notice, which requires that products made in the illegal Israeli settlements are labeled properly and not mislabeled as "Made in Israel". Consumers will now have the freedom to exercise choice according to their consciences as to whether they wish to provide economic support to the illegal settlement enterprise. Open Shuhada Street participated in the public comment process. Our submission also included this petition of over whelming support for the notice. This is a significant move on an international scale by the South African government and will greatly contribute to freedom, justice and peace for Palestinians. Open Shuhada Street would like to thank all of those who signed our petition! Your support is greatly appreciated!

South Africa has stood up for consumer choice and Palestinian rights by issuing a notice requiring that Israel stop mislabeling products made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) as 'Made in Israel'.

The notice will allow people to choose for themselves whether they wish to provide economic support to the illegal occupation of Palestine and the settlements, which are a major obstacle to finding a peaceful and equitable solution between Israel and Palestine.

Israel and South Africa are party to international trade agreements that require accurate product labelling. South Africa only recognises the State of Israel within the Green Line (1949 Armistice Agreements).

Therefore, labels should read: "Made in an Illegal Israeli Settlement". However, the Minister is facing a backlash from occupation supporters in South Africa. A 60-day comment period has begun before the notice will become law.

By signing this petition of support, you can help us reach 10 000 signatures, after which we will hand it over to the Minister in support of consumer freedom of choice and the rights of Palestinians. Please share via the Avaaz Facebook, email and Twitter links below.

Open Shuhada Street (for more info: www.openshuhadastreet.org) is a South African based initiative to raise awareness about the lack of freedom of movement in Hebron and injustice towards Palestinians.

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