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This petition is closed
Tanzania: Stop the poaching of elephants!

Tanzania: Stop the poaching of elephants!

This petition is closed
50 Supporters

Madelon V.
started this petition to
Parliament of Tanzania,Mizengo Kayanza Pinda, Lembeli, James Daudi

Tanzania is blessed to be one of the largest homes to African wild life but instead of providing a safe place, elephants in Tanzania are slaughtered by poachers at the fastest rate ever without proper protection from the government. The country is now losing at least 23,000 elephants a year from its national parks and reserves – the equivalent of 67 elephants a day that are being poached by poaching syndicates around the country. It is said that continuing at this rate elephants will be extinct by 2025.

Tanzania has to realize that just because wildlife exists within their borders they do not own it, they do not get to abuse it for revenue, they do not get to kill it. These majestic creatures are not owned by anyone. With this petition we show that we see this, we are watching and we demand that Tanzania takes action.

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