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Swedish people: To support my idea and concept of a statue of Zlatan Ibrahimović

Swedish people: To support my idea and concept of a statue of Zlatan Ibrahimović

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This petition has been created by Ljubomir T. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Ljubomir T.
started this petition to
Swedish people

It has become a sort of a fad to “flaunt with other people’s feathers” in the non‐historic and non‐creative Sweden. You steal a little here and a little there without thinking about asking for permission. But what if I were to do the same? What an outcry there would be then!
I understand that it is difficult to patent one’s ideas and thoughts. Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Mileva Marić, with several other renowned inventors, physicists and scientists died penniless and without a Nobel Prize in their hands.
They were robbed, to say the least, on their ideas in favour of other self‐indulgent wiseacres.
How much longer will we tolerate this Western insolence and injustice?
The idea, proposal and concept I coined already on 22 September 2009 to raise a statue of Zlatan in Malmoe has been abused to the fullest of Malmoe’s Social Democrats and with them the media.
With other words, these people have stolen my idea and made it their own by presenting it in their light, in the City Council and in the Labour‐controlled media. The latter have thus failed in their journalistic work with the source‐ and fact‐checking.
I intend to go ahead with this case, as I feel greatly blown‐up considering that the artistic / literary works that are produced are protected by the copyright law.
What I can do at the individual level is, legally speaking, to assert rights to the implemented result. Thus it is not the idea that is the bottom line, but the implementation itself.
In sum, if it ever becomes an actuality to erect a statue to honour Zlatan in Malmoe, I will do what is incumbent upon me: to assert the right of the statue of Zlatan. Qui vivra, verra! (= He who lives, shall see!)
Thus, I have started a petition campaign on the site of Avaaz, all to assure me that my idea, suggestions and concepts to erect a statue to Zlatan in Malmoe will not be distorted and misused increasingly, moreover ‐ as it actually was done in just over seven years by Malmoe’s Social Democrats and with them the media!
Support my campaign for my idea of ​​a statue of Zlatan Ibrahimović in Malmoe to survive and not to be utilized by other nefarious, shadowy voices!
Your vote is important! Without it, the statue of Zlatan would be in the near future a cheap initiative of the Social Democrats of Malmoe for the well‐being of its citizen classes with vicinity!

Thanks for your understanding!

drac Ljubomir T. Dević Kosarić-Lijović Vajmeš-Kastriota, Bachelor of Arts,
member of the Scanian society of writers, ASLA (Association suédoise de linguistique appliquée)
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