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Help Taiwan & Save The World!! Stop Taipower's Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Project!

Help Taiwan & Save The World!! Stop Taipower's Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Project!

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This petition has been created by Stop N. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Stop N.
started this petition to
Taiwan Premier Mao Chi-kuo
中文: 反對 短視近利、害人傷己的核廢境外再處理

為何不要核廢境外再處理 ?

1. 我們不要當冤大頭, 核廢再處理經費高昂,國際上已不再選擇





2. 核廢再處理過程中排放大量輻射到 海洋、大氣


3. . 再處理後的高階核廢仍需送回台灣 留給子孫 輻射污染 「萬年」難解


4. 核廢再處理大幅提高國際核武擴散風險








若在合約期滿無法順利找到鈽和鈾的買主,試問台電,合約期滿的後續代管、轉賣費用是多少? 在國際市場少有鈽、鈾買家的現況下,我們未來還要投注多少經費、委託國外廠商代管台灣核廢中的高放射性鈽和鈾?

從日本等國的經驗來看,未來花費根本是無底洞。 你可以怎麼做

請你加入 連署 ,讓我們集結聲音告訴行政院長毛治國,我們不要下一個核廢錢坑,不要債留子孫,不要危害生態環境、民眾健康,更不要禍延他邦、徒留污染在他鄉。


(Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/stopnukesnow
(URL) http://nonukeyesvote.tw/index.php

Please help Taiwanese people to voice our angry and objection to a highly hazardous, pulluting, risky project of sending Taiwan's state run monopoly power company Taipower's spent nuclear fuel to overseas country for reprocessing.
Your support of our petition to stop this reprocessing project will not only help Taiwanese people but also helped our world's environment, our world's eco-system, and avoid the harms to peolple's health!!!

Taipower's plan is to send spent nuclear fuel from Taiwan's nuclear power plants to foreign country, highly possible France, for reprocessing, and stay there for twenty years, and then the host country will send all the radioactive waste resulted from the reprocessing process back to Taiwan for final long term disposal.

Here are several main reasons for people around the world to help Taiwanese people to stop this crazy, dirty reprocessing project:

First of All, reprocessing nuclear fuel is a very polluting activity. For example, French reprocessing industry is implanted by the sea (in North-East Normandy area) where it discharges massive amounts of radioactivity (See page 9 ( http://goo.gl/n9QUuE ) of this pdf from "amap.no" ).

It also spews huge amounts of radioactivity in the air. The French nuclear industry dismisses any health risk but an epidemiologic study made in 1997 found some leukemia excess around the reprocessing factory.

Secondly, reprocessing spent nuclear fuel is a highly proliferating technology that gives access to plutonium, a key element to make an atomic bomb. It is also extremely expensive to reprocess the spent nuclear fuel.

Third, Taiwan's regulations call for a final nuclear waste repository site to be completed at 2055, a twenty year interim solution will not help solve Taiwan's urging challenges of finding the real ultimate solutions to our piling nuclear waste of all kinds. This will only give Tai-power more excuses to dodge their responsibilities.

In addition, this idea of spending estimated 11.3 billion NT Dollars (roughly 364.5 million USD) just for 1200 spend fuel rods to reprocessing is way too costly, it only deplete our already scarce funding for Nuclear Power Plant retirement and nuclear waste management, not to mention the potential risks associated with such overseas, long distance transportation of sensitive and highly dangerous nuclear materials. And, from our past experience, the final budgets will always go up, in many cases, it will over budget by a huge margins, causing more headaches!!!

And last but not least, so far, Tai-power and Taiwan government agencies has said very little about such overseas reprocessing plan, and even what has passed to the public so far is very fragmented and manipulated pieces of information, in such lack transparency manner that it feels like a black-ops, the true details of such controversial major public issue are kept in the dark from the public.

This is a blatant violation of democratic principle, we strongly demand Tai-power and government fully disclose very details of this overseas fuel reprocessing plan so far, and seize to pursuing this kind of projects in the future!

So, we urge friends all over the world to help Taiwanese people to voice our angry and objection to the plan of sending Taiwan's spent nuclear fuel to overseas country for reprocessing.

Please Help Us spread the words out and STOP the Reprocessing project!!!
Sign the petition here and spread the words out!!! : https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Taiwan_Premier_Mao_Chikuo_Stop_Taipowers_plan_to_send_spent_nuc.....

Thank you so very much!

Petitioner: Stop Nuclear Now (Taiwan NGO) :(Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/stopnukesnow
(URL) http://nonukeyesvote.tw/index.php

PS. You will find more details about reprocessing risks here :

Nuclear Reprocessing: Dangerous, Dirty, and Expensive by Union of Concerned Scientists : http://goo.gl/dLfcSs

Reprocessing by Greenpeace : http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/nuclear/waste/reprocessing/

Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing = Weapons Proliferation!! by Beyond Nuclear.org : http://www.beyondnuclear.org/storage/Reprocessingwebview.pdf

What is Reprocessing? by Green Action : http://www.greenaction-japan.org/modules/english0/index.php?id=6

Qui veut des déchets nucléaires de Taïwan ?(Who wants nuclear waste from Taiwan? / 誰要從台灣來的核廢料?): http://journaldelenergie.com/nucleaire/qui-veut-des-dechets-nucleaires-de-taiwan/

< 署名のお知らせ@台湾 > [台湾の使用済み核燃料の再処理に反対しよう!]


呼びかけ:Stop Nuclear Now (Taiwan NGO):
(Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/stopnukesnow
(URL) http://nonukeyesvote.tw/index.php


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