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Stop using beagles and mice to experiment with the rabies virus in Taiwan!

Stop using beagles and mice to experiment with the rabies virus in Taiwan!

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This petition has been created by Theresa H. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Theresa H.
started this petition to
Taiwan Premier of Executive Yuan Jiang Yi-Huah

Taiwan has been bursting the rabies among the Formosan ferret-badgers since months. A week ago there were not any dogs or cats has infected or died of it. Taiwan authority department Council of Agriculture (COA) announced few days ago there is a puppy died in rabies, but they do not have any idea to prevent the spread of ferret-badger rabies. They only want to use the beagles and mice in vivo experiments to make the record of their own in this September, to see how long and strong the ferret-badger rabies virus will pass to beagles and mice.


In fact, China already experimented this and got the research data: They injected the ferret badger rabies virus strains more than 10 to the power of 6 into the dogs, the dogs would fall ill. COA is really no need to do the experiment to confirm the experiment has been confirmed!


Many experts from international associations and organizations (like PETA, PCRM,CDC...etc.), local experts and vets are all bitterly oppose this experiment!


However, COA let the local governments loose on catching the stray dogs (most of them are healthy puppies) to the public shelters and euthanize them.


Experiment and killing the dogs can not reduce the rabies. It is not correct rabies prevention work! Even more it could endanger the health defense of human society!


As we know the rabies vaccine is effective against all the rabies viruses. Taiwan government should lead to inject the vaccine with all the home dogs and stray dogs instead of the cruel and unnecessary experiment!


The great irony is that the World Rabies Day on 28th September is coming soon. Even Global Alliance For Rabies Control, they never promote the in vivo beagle or mice rabies experiments as an important prevention work. But COA thinks this experiment must be given precedence over the rabies vaccine injections! None of countries use any animal in vivo rabies virus experiment like Taiwan!


Taiwan should stop going against the normality and justice of world rabies prevention works and release all the beagles and mice from the cruel experiment!


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