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Tell Colruyt Group To End Plastic Packaging Insanity

Tell Colruyt Group To End Plastic Packaging Insanity

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This petition has been created by Daniel M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Daniel M.
started this petition to
Jef Colruyt, Head of Colruyt Group (Colruyt, Bioplanet, Everyday, Boni, Dreamland, Kangarou, Graindor …)
Plastic packaging contributes to an environmental nightmare. Its overuse in supermarkets creates a needless mountain of wrappers, food trays, and other debris, which ends up as pollution. This could be avoided by the adoption of biodegradable packages on a large scale.

Most people shop in supermarkets, and that is not likely to change soon. Only by changing the way that they package their goods can this needless pollution be stopped. Supermarkets, with their enormous buying power, can tell their suppliers to change their ways. So, we must tell the major supermarket chains to clean up their act, for all of our good.

Colruyt Group package many of their own brands, and their website says that running an ethical company is important to them. So let's tell Jef Colruyt to get his suppliers to use environmentally responsible packaging!

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https://secure.avaaz.org/nl/petition/Tell_Colruyt_Group_To_End_Plastic_Packaging_Insanity/ (nl)

https://secure.avaaz.org/fr/petition/Tell_Colruyt_Group_To_End_Plastic_Packaging_Insanity/ (fr)

Posted: 24 October 2013 (Updated: 13 November 2017)