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This petition is closed
You love Thailand: Demand 7/11 to stop polluting it.

You love Thailand: Demand 7/11 to stop polluting it.

This petition is closed
1,358 Supporters

Dada L.
started this petition to
Thai people who care about the environment
In Thailand, we generate 520 million plastic bags garbage a day and 10 millions come from convenience store. That's about 6 times of world’s perimeter. And when it comes to plastic bags, less than five and forty percent gets recycled and managed properly.

Do you know that how many plastic bags 7/11 gives away in a day&quest
There’re 10,000,000 bags and we use each of them just for 25 minutes. What about after the usage.. where those plastic bags will be&quest

We provide 2 methods of plastic decomposition which are
1. incineration that causes dangerous gases to both human and environment.
2. Burying underground takes a long time, leading to the degradation of soil and blocks the growth of plants. No matter which method we try to eliminate plastic bags, it leads to bad effects anyway. The best solution is to stop using them, starting from refusing them from 7/11.

SO, If you love Thailand, demand 7/11 to stop polluting it.

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