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The Hon. President Of Zimbabwe, E D Mnangagwa : Never again to shipments of Wild Animals to China

The Hon. President Of Zimbabwe, E D Mnangagwa : Never again to shipments of Wild Animals to China

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This petition has been created by Barbara D. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Barbara D.
started this petition to
Zimbabwe President, the Hon. E D Mnangagwa and Dir. Gen. of National Parks, Mr F U Mangwanya
I am presenting this petition to you Honourable President Mnangagwa, to humbly request that you consider our plea for the following under your new dispensation in Zimbabwe.

As The Honourable President knows, elephant herds are matriarchal, familial groups and elephant calves are celebrated, nurtured and guided by, not only their mother, but their aunts, sisters and older siblings as well. Any loss is grieved and they are very gentle, intelligent, compassionate, caring mammals who want nothing more than to be left alone to live in the wild, as they are meant to be.

Please, in view of this, can your new administration kindly state that never again will elephant calves be captured from their wild herds and transported to China and Asia for a life of endless misery, torture and abuse. Nor will any other species of wild animals (we know of lions, sable antelope, amongst many others) be captured and shipped off to this destiny of misery in countries who boast absolutely no animal rights whatsoever.

I would respectfully also ask that you consider, not only the emotional and physical trauma inflicted on these innocent animals, but also the medium to long term impact on the families of these captured elephant calves who are living in National Parks areas of Zimbabwe. The remaining herd members are going to be looking on human beings as a source of fear and loathing, which may well result in innocent, unaware visitors to these Parks being injured or, worse, killed. It’s not a good idea in an area which could bring much needed foreign currency into Zimbabwe through the promotion of tourism.

As you said in your inauguration speech, we are part of global community and animal rights activists have been very outspoken on this issue, to an extent that many potential visitors to Zimbabwe have boycotted visiting or touring it, as long as this practice continues.

We beseech you to consider our request and leave the wildlife in Zimbabwe where it belongs, in the wild places of Zimbabwe, and not in a cage, suffering endlessly.

Many species of wildlife are under threat of extinction, (elephant, rhino, lion, giraffe and pangolin spring to mind immediately) from the very real poaching scourge that bedevils this continent, which is even more reason to keep them safe and protected in the wild areas of Zimbabwe.

Please let’s leave a legacy for our children of respect for the land and all creatures who walk on it. I look forward to your positive response.
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