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The Mayor of Zakynthos: Stop the poisoning, shooting and abandoning of dogs and cats in Zakynthos

The Mayor of Zakynthos: Stop the poisoning, shooting and abandoning of dogs and cats in Zakynthos

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This petition has been created by Jane M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Jane M.
started this petition to
The Mayor of Zakynthos
Dear Mr Mayor,
I am writing on behalf of many people who have visited Zakynthos over many years. We love the island and have friends amongst it's people. However, in recent years we have been extremely distressed and disturbed by the growing and continuing animal abuse and neglect that occurs on Zakynthos and this has lead to… many people stating that they will never return to Zakynthos.
There have been reports via Facebook of numerous poisonings of dogs and now cats in certain areas/resorts with Laganas/Alykes/Alykanas being particularly badly hit. This is a criminal offence punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment or a 15,000 euro fine. YOU were elected on a platform to stop animal abuse and neglect, YOU are responsible for these laws being enforced and the perpetrators brought to justice.
There are also numerous reports of animal neglect and abandonment especially puppies, many being dumped and left to starve and die a long, slow agonising death in sparsely populated areas. Again there are laws against such animal abuse and YOU must enforce these laws.
Many potential tourists to Zakynthos read these sites, they see the reports of animal abuse, neglect and poisoning and as a result they state they will not visit somewhere that allows such barbarity to take place. The lack of enforced action/education on animal abuse and neglect could lead to a catastrophic economic effect for the people of Zakynthos. As the mayor you need to be aware and take the necessary action as soon as possible. Mr Mayor please use the power of your office and your election promises to prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law.Click here to see full text
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