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Help stop the LIFE chaining of dogs in New Zealand

Help stop the LIFE chaining of dogs in New Zealand

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This petition has been created by Pete M. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Pete M.
started this petition to
Ministry for Primary Industries, Damien O'Connor
Imagine being chained up all day, with nothing to eat or drink, no shelter, and no idea when you are next going to see someone for food, exercise, or some love.
Imagine getting sick, and no one cares enough to take you to the doctor. Imagine sitting in a pile of dirt, or mud, alone, with no one to play with, and watching people go past, ignoring you.

There are many dogs in NZ that are forced to live in these appalling conditions day after day, sometimes until they fade away and die. No living creature should have to live like this, and we would like to see some changes in the law so that this is no longer an issue in NZ society.

Life‐chaining dogs is cruel, inhumane and a threat to the safety of not only the confined dog, but other animals and humans as well.

Life‐chaining violates the dogs nature as social pack animals and dogs that are kept alone on one spot for hours, days, months or years, suffer immense psychological damage. They can become neurotic, anxious and sometimes even aggressive.

Most attacks by life‐chained dogs are on children, as children do not understand when a dog is scared or in pain and are not capable of diagnosing aggressive behavior in a chained dog.
Life‐chained dogs can also develop serious health issues including sores and raw necks due being improperly tethered and straining to escape confinement. Chain entanglement is common and the dogs are then unable to access food, water and shelter.

Life‐chaining creates aggressiveness not protectiveness.
There were 12,406 dog attacks in NZ in 2013. These attacks cost more than &dollar3.2 million in ACC claims. Life‐chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite than unchained dogs. We want to change the law and are aiming for a total ban on life‐chaining that is enforceable by law.
The minimum NZ standard for keeping a dog requires that is has shelter, food and water. The bare minimum is basically unenforceable so the neglect goes unpunished, whilst dogs are left to suffer. Please sign this petition to tell the lawmakers that the law must be changed to make this kind of neglect illegal.

Chained Dog Awareness in NZ is a registered charity that is fighting to end the life‐chaining of dogs in New Zealand.
We provide education & support to those owners willing to accept help, so that their dogs can continue to live with them & have happier lives. We hope that by showing people that, with proper care and attention, dogs can be wonderful family members who can bring so much pleasure to their lives.
We also rescue dogs when they cannot stay with their owners, either because the neglect is too much, or because the owner acknowledges that they are unable to properly care for their dog.
When dogs are relinquished to us, we rehabilitate & rehome them to homes where they will be loved & treated like a member of the family.

Find us at our Facebook page https&colon//www.facebook.com/chaineddogawareness

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