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The President of South Africa: Fair regulation of Cannabis in South Africa

The President of South Africa: Fair regulation of Cannabis in South Africa

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This petition has been created by Johannes B. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Johannes B.
started this petition to
The President of South Africa
De-scheduling and regulating cannabis in South Africa would give rural and previously disadvantaged communities and the smaller cannabis enthusiast to create massive amounts of industries that fuel the local economy.

We have the agricultural space to create a hemp industry that would rival the industrial revolution, if you look at what hemp can be used for sustainably, things like fuel, clothing, biodegradable plastic, Airplane chassis, car bodies, medicine, food, oil, feed, land rejuvenation crop, fast growing, low water consumption, hardy against the african sun, Do I really need to say more? The overall industry is already massive and if we regulate it, not only will it grow vastly, we will also be able to tax it.

We have a labour problem, and we have millions of hectares of unusable land that could be used to grow hemp.

We have medical problems in underprivileged communities as a result of poor nutrition, Cannabis not only provides the nutrition they need but it also provides a safe medicine that anyone can make who has a pan, some coconut oil and a stove.

This plant could solve so many of the third world problems we have that is actually your responsibility, to future generations, to sign this petition and make sure that cannabis isn't legally signed over to foreign enterprise. Keep this industry local, we need it! #cannabisworks2018
Posted: 29 April 2018 (Updated: 21 August 2018)