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Freedom of thirty three baby elephants robbed : by The President of Sri Lanka, Prime Minister, Min of Wildlife, AGD.

Freedom of thirty three baby elephants robbed : by The President of Sri Lanka, Prime Minister, Min of Wildlife, AGD.

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This petition has been created by Fahima S. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Fahima S.
started this petition to
The President of Sri Lanka, Attorney General, Prime Min, Min of Wildlife, CITES Sec General Mr John E Scanlon, Born Free Foundation
Sri Lanka is legalising elephant trafficking&excl

More than fifty baby elephants were stolen from the wild (illegally captured) after killing their mothers. After fighting court cases and getting back 33 babies, hoping to release them back into the wild or at least send them to a reserve, the Government now wants to legalise elephant trafficking by selling the elephants back to their false owners thereby making a profit of 10 million rupees per elephant. These ‘owners’ include ego driven temple chiefs, Buddhist monks, politicians and nouveau riche who are able to bribe even court officials and buy their influence. They gain a tremendous profit by hiring the elephant to hotels who work the elephants like slaves. Furthermore they tie heavy carriages on their bodies to carry five or six tourists at once. The carriages cut into the sensitive underbelly of the elephant. His spine is deformed after some years.

The reason being given to sell back the elephants is that there are not enough elephants for the parades/ pereheras which are supposedly traditions that have to be maintained ‐ even though the basic and foremost teachings of Lord Buddha are being disrespected and ignored, that is Metta or Loving Kindness to All Beings. In actual fact they are commercially driven pageants for tourism. The temples keep elephants for the same reason and are often given to the tourist industries when not used at the pereheras. All captive elephants are chained 24/7 and kept in a small area in solitary confinement, sometimes in the blazing sun.

How can Sri Lanka host the next CITES conference when the Government is legitimising illegal trade in elephants&quest Sri Lankan elephants are listed in Appendix 1 of the CITES convention ‐ an endangered species, precariously close to extinction. Please write to the CITES Secretary General Mr. John E Scanlon at
Please ask CITES to hold their next conference in another country and not in Sri Lanka because Sri Lanka is flouting CITES laws.
CITES Secretariat
International Environment House
11 Chemin des Anémones
CH‐1219 Châtelaine, Geneva
Tel&colon &plus41‐(0)22‐917‐81‐39/40
Fax&colon &plus41‐(0)22‐797‐34‐17

On 23rd August the Colombo Courts allowed another 15 baby elephants to take part in more parades contravening their own decision that the elephants would only be released for the Kandy Perehera.

The torture to these babies for traditional parades is ironic to say the least. They are separated from the rest of the elephants and must travel for hundreds of miles in the back of a lorry in the hot sun, then march in the tar road with crowds of people on either side and are chained and prodded into submission through the entire parade. Fire, crackers, drummers and dancers must be endured as must the electric lights on their sensitive skin and the clothing that covers their bodies and sometimes even their eyes when not fitted properly.

Please observe the chains on this baby elephants legs ‐ what a struggle he has to walk properly. You can see a person walking close, carrying the elephant's garb and clearly indicating that this baby elephant is being readied for the perehera. Was this little elephant meant to stumble like this and be unable to even walk properly&quest Is this the kindness that we extend to innocent beings who depend on us for their welfare&quest

We voted this Government in hoping that they would not bow down to corruption but they have proved that they are as corrupt and cruel as their predecessors.

Please sign and share this petition asap and help us free the babies who will be shackled and prodded and kept in solitary confinement. Help us to procure their freedom to roam about in their jungle homes with the rest of their herds. Please help us to secure their rights since they cannot speak up.



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