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The Presidents and Prime Ministers of 11 countries of Southeast Asia: Rename, Change the ‘South China Sea’ into ‘Vietnam

The Presidents and Prime Ministers of 11 countries of Southeast Asia: Rename, Change the ‘South China Sea’ into ‘Vietnam

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This petition has been created by Tran T. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Tran T.
started this petition to
The Presidents and Prime Ministers of 11 countries of Southeast Asia, The United Nations Environment Organization The President of United Nations Atlas of the Oceans, and the CEOs and Presidents of 11 Geographic Organizations
Dear Friends,

There are four reasons for the new campaign:

1 / Philippines with the Philippine Sea and West Philippines Sea, Indonesian Natuna Sea, Amanda Sea for Thailand, Malaysia has the Java Sea.

2 / Vietnamese’ coastline isup to 11 409, 1 kilometer - three times the previous calculation according to the World Resources Institute (Word Resources Institute) and the United Nations Environment Organization. Vietnam Sea area has over 1 million kilometers under The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in 1982 - accounted for almost 30% of the Southeast Asia Sea.

3 / Freedom of navigation is the sacred right of humanity. There is no single country which can militarily control and or prohibit the exploration of natural resources of the sea; as China has been doing.

4 / The renaming from the South China Sea to Vietnam Sea is consistent with international law, regional and geographical reality. Also, this will contribute positively to the promotion of world peace.

The Vietnamese Sea Association, we do not oppose the name the South China Sea, but this name needs to be adjusted to suit the geographical reality.

This provocative act couldt earily start the war in the East Sea between China and its neighboring countries. The renaming of the South China Sea to Vietnam Sea is imminent for this moment and the Vietnamese people.

Please take just action by signing the petition. Your signature is crucial to make a maritime history of this 21st century and will forever be remembered in Vietnam Sea, Southeast Asia Sea modern history.

This campaign is your campaign. We respectfully call for your participation to change the name of “South China Sea” into “Vietnam Sea.” The campaign has no time limit.

Van Giang Tran révised EN version.

Dai Viet Tran, The Vietnamese Sea Association

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