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President Obama: Make TPP Negotiations Transparent & Open to Full Citizen Participation!

President Obama: Make TPP Negotiations Transparent & Open to Full Citizen Participation!

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This petition has been created by Christine F. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Christine F.
started this petition to
U.S. President Obama

The TPP is a ​​"CORPORATE-RULE"​ ​AGREEMENT​​ and ​a full frontal assault on democracy. It will have far-reaching consequences and is being NEGOTIATED IN SECRET. This not only sabotages the democratic process, but also encourages citizens not to trust their government.

The TPP is being secretly negotiated by 600 multinational corporations and industry trade groups, without public knowledge or involvement. Yet it will affect nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives.

Although most ​citizens​ ​have no knowledge​ of​ what​ the ​TPP contains​, ​​corporate lobbyists are ​privy to its contents. It​ will put the power elite in charge of most aspects of economic and regulatory life.

If passed, it will undermine state, local, and federal laws. These laws include those governing food safety, environmental protection, INTERNET FREEDOM, worker rights, democratic sovereignty, healthcare and drug prices, and banking and finance regulation. It also will rewrite the laws of participating nations. And all of this is being done TO INCREASE THE WEALTH OF THE 1%.​

President Obama is pushing to fast-track the TPP, SO IT'S URGENT THAT WE VOICE OUR DISAPPROVAL NOW!

President Obama vowed to provide a more transparent government, so We the People insist that he step up to the plate and make good on his commitment.


For more information on the TPP, visit these sites: http://huff.to/1cFzpzB; http://bit.ly/MmCDNZ; http://bit.ly/1hn1E63; http://bit.ly/1pfI5Ss; http://bit.ly/1mpxfXU; http://bit.ly/1guMaMm; http://bit.ly/1fmoflU.

As an adjunct to signing this petition, you can email President Obama at this link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

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