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President Kenyatta of Kenya, please give presidential protection to the last great tuskers & arrest the traffickers.

President Kenyatta of Kenya, please give presidential protection to the last great tuskers & arrest the traffickers.

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This petition has been created by Mumbi L. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Mumbi L.
started this petition to
Uhuru Kenyatta, The President of Kenya
SIGNEES PLEASE NOTE&colon This letter maybe slightly amended prior to delivery, to reflect any relevant and positive changes in policy.

NOTE UPDATE ‐ March 2017&dash below letter.

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Your Excellency,

We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear that one of the world's last big tuskers, Satao (pictured above) was killed by poachers in May 2014. This came too soon after another iconic elephant, Mountain Bull, was also dispatched for his ivory.

Around a dozen of these rare tuskers remain in Tsavo, Kenya and as such this is said to be the last viable gene pool of these magnificent giants among giants. Kenya is proud to be home to these rare tuskers. It is a heritage to be protected for future generations and to be preserved urgently.

 Please protect Kenya's tuskers with armed guards*.

The KWS, community and conservancy ranger forces are doing their utmost to protect Kenya's wildlife against well‐armed poachers and criminal cartels that support them. Rangers risk their lives every day (1,000&plus have been killed in duty over the last 10 years [1]). Please provide more support so that rangers are in sufficient numbers and better equipped to effectively combat the present intensity of attack by ever better armed and brazen poachers. [2]

We ask that known traffickers of ivory, rhino horn and other illegal wildlife parts be arrested without delay and tried for their crimes against wildlife.

 Kenya is now one of the three main hubs through which the continent's illegal ivory is leaving Africa. Mombasa is the world’s busiest port for ivory transit[3]. Please can this be addressed.

Your late Father, the former President, His Excellency Jomo Kenyatta, wisely placed Ahmed , the splendid bull of Marsabit under his protection by presidential decree in 1970.We respectfully ask you to do the same for the last few rare and magnificent tuskers*. Please do everything in your power to preserve them. It would be an irreversible tragedy for Kenya and the world if we lost them.

Yours Respectfully,


March 11th 2017&colon We are sad to hear that Satao2's carcass was found on January 4th this year. It seems unclear if he was poached or it was a natural death. However KWS did retrieve the tusks intact at least. If he was killed for his tusks or due to conflict, this clearly heightens the need for Presidential Protection for the few big tuskers remaining before it is too late.

This petition remains live since Satao1's death in order to illustrate the ongoing Kenyan and international support for this enhanced protection. In addition to this petition, another on a different platform has 187,000 signatures and a further 500 were collected at the Elephant and Rhino march events.

[1] http&colon//thingreenline.org.au
[2] https&colon//www.youtube.com/watch&questv&equalsawCR‐TJe1ds&feature&equalsem‐subs_digest. 3] ELEPHANT CONSERVATION, ILLEGAL KILLING AND IVORY TRADE. CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES OF WILD FAUNA AND FLORA. SC65 Doc. 42.1. http&colon//www.cites.org/sites/default/files/eng/com/sc/65/E‐SC65‐42‐01.pdf

*Please note we are not dictating the exact method of protection as we appreciate there are logistical issues in Tsavo given the vast and hostile area and suitable logistics need to be decided by those working in Tsavo, however we are asking that there be a special armed unit/s taking care of security for these tuskers and sufficient investment allocated.

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