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Stop Massacring Sudanese Peaceful Protesters

Stop Massacring Sudanese Peaceful Protesters

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This petition has been created by T H. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
T H.
started this petition to
United Nations; Council of Europe; European Union; African Union; IGAD
Abstract   This petition forcibly urges the International Community at large to act swiftly and firmly for the international protection of the entirety of the Sudanese citizens’ adamantly peaceful protest movement against the de facto ruling Sudanese Transitional Military Council’s  and particularly its Rapid Support Forces’ militia’s use of categorically brutal force in an offensive onslaught on the resolute Sudanese civil and peaceful sit-in at the Sudanese Armed Forces’ headquarters in Khartoum that has been, and is, at the core of the ever indefatigable Sudanese civil and political movement for a true and accountable civil governance of Sudan. More than 35 persons have thereby been callously assassinated, with live ammunition, while injuring hundreds more, some with seriously critical injuries. Furthermore, the petition in question demands a commanding international community’s intervention and pressure on the Sudanese ruling Transitional Military Council, with the entireness of its affiliated militias and security forces, instantly to comply with the Sudanese peoples’ demands of a genuinely civil and democratic political and social transformation that ultimately assures the reign of freedom and peace and equality in their beloved country.   The Body of The Petition   We are hereby drawing the International Community’s urgent attention to the Sudanese ruling Transitional Military Council’s (TMC) and particularly the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces’ (RSF) premeditatedly malicious onslaught on the Sudanese civil and peaceful sit-in at the Sudanese Armed Forces’ headquarters in Khartoum which is at the centre of the indefatigable Sudanese civil and political movement for a true and accountable civil governance of Sudan. More than 35 persons have thereby been callously assassinated, with live ammunition, while injuring hundreds more, some with seriously critical injuries.   It is of our qualified conviction that you have insensitively contributed, with your apathetic and misguided policies and stands, as an International Community, to our country’s present dare conditions of poverty and want and categorical deterioration in the indispensable services of education and health and other basic infra structures projects and vital amenities. Such an apathetic attitude of yours has in fact steamrolled the way for many successive ruling regimes, military and otherwise, in Sudan for wreckfully undermining the prosperity and well-being of generations of a many honorable Sudanese citizen.                 You might have not, as an International Community, realized, amid your self-righteous ways and attitudes, the extent to which oppressive need can damagingly affect a human soul. But a brief view of the real conditions of the majority of the peoples and communities of the world of today, if you only care to look around, is certain to reveal to you by which overwhelming dimension of sheer destruction and war and unlawful killing and prosecution such peoples and communities have, and yet, for decades a many, been engulfed.   And to come to Sudan, we should hereby note that all the past and present interventions and policies you have hitherto applied unto it have hardly accomplished anything but encouraging wrecking misery and havoc unto the comm folks of the country. One of the near-to-hand examples of this is the International Community’s response to the National Congress Party’s regime of the ousted despot of Sudan Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir with enforcing sanctions on the whole country the brunt of which has indeed added up woe unto wretchedness to the already ongoing generational misery of the Sudanese peoples.  The sensible response and policy in this respect would otherwise simply to punish the rulers, not the people, for the sins of their rulers should certainly not be visited upon the peoples they rule. But the International Community has mockingly and cynically chosen to visit the punishing consequences of such sanctions upon the victim, but not the executioner, something which consequentially made the Sudanese peoples suffering, and yet to suffer till this day and beyond, of the lethally bitter harvest of the despotic totalitarian rule of the Sudanese National Conference’s party under the rule of Omer al-Bashir and his-yet-to-rule partners and associates.   Another contemptuously misguided policy of the International Community towards Sudan and its affairs is that of not at all seriously and practically considering the actual apprehension of the criminal despot Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir who has been indicted and issued arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in Darfur, Sudan, since the year 2009. Neither the apprehension of others of al-Bashir associates in war crimes and crimes against humanity has diligently been pursued by any state parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC. Evidently all such states have grievously failed to fulfill their international duty of apprehending him, even upon visiting, or passing over the territories, of some of the states who are signatories to the statute in question. And that is indeed something which is politically and ethically questionable.   Such an obnoxious attitude of the International Community is certainly not only morally questionable, but it is also unconscientious and reeking of downright political and ethical duplicity.     Such ethical duplicity has, in the case of Sudan, been manifestly shown in the duplicity with which significant part of such powers has dealt with Sudan’s RSF under the leadership of the now Vice-President of the de facto ruling TMC, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo. Such duplicity is plainly demonstrated in the European Union’s making, through the intermediacy of those criminal forces, of Sudan a nerve hub for countering human trafficking, notwithstanding such a position’s very high moral cost.  For it precisely means implicitly involving, on the part of the EU, with the ill-reputed re-accommodation of a Sudanese security forces whose principal chief, and other leaders, the United Nations has directly accused of perpetrating war crimes in Darfur.   We forcefully call upon you, as representatives of the International Community, to excise the utmost world-wide pressure so that the de facto ruling TMC and the RSF should be legally and fully accountable for their criminal offenses against the Sudanese peaceful campaigners. Thus, we hereby strongly demand from you immediately to take up the following actions as required:   1.   Exercising the extremist pressure on the TMC and its security forces, particularly the RSF, for an instant stop of all human rights violations against all Sudanese citizens, on top of which firing live ammunition against the peaceful demonstrators and all forms of atrocities against them. 2.   Seriously pressurizing the TMC for instituting public freedoms such as the freedoms of thought, belief, expression and public assembly. Paramount to this is the immediate lifting of the ban on the usage of the internet.     3.   Instantly ceasing any forms of political or otherwise cooperation and transactions with the de facto, but constitutionally illegitimate, ruling TMC in Sudan. 4.   Persisting in such a stand until the Sudanese Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change announces the institution of its alternative Transitional Government, at all of its three executive levels. Then you should immediately acknowledge such government as the sole transitional ruler of Sudan and representative of all its peoples. 5.   Compellingly pressing towards persecuting Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and his associates at the ICC for all of their crimes of war and crimes against humanity in Darfor and their currently committed violations and atrocities against the peaceful protesters. We hereby demand his, and his associates, prompt apprehension once he is out of Sudan and in any of the state parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC. And in case of not complying with such statute the head of the state in question should be rendered legally accountable for his actions at the ICC for his complicity in assisting war criminals.   Finally, we should hereby note that the dare consequences of such a habitual falsehood and duplicity and insubstantial stands of yours in dealing with the fatally serious issues of the troubled nations of this world shall finally be visited upon you. For the next generations of all nations will never forget, and perhaps never condone, such a moral duplicity of yours, both in thoughts and deeds.      
Posted: 4 June 2019 (Updated: 5 June 2019)