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This petition is closed
Westboro B.I.A.: Save Westfest

Westboro B.I.A.: Save Westfest

This petition is closed
29 Supporters

Jason F.
started this petition to
Westboro B.I.A.
Westfest is an integral part of summer in Ottawa. Having been blessed with playing it twice myself, once with my band, River City Junction & once with Native American Mi'kmaq artist Thomas Starwalker Clair, I can personally attest to the necessity of this festival not only for the revenue it brings into Westboro businesses, but also in how it brings artists together & contributes in a major way to the culture of & community of Westboro in general.

Westfest is fuelled by 100% Canadian content as well, so it's not just the community, business owners & festival that will suffer, but many great Canadian artist who need the exposure to help fortify their careers in music & the arts.

Losing this festival would be a huge blow to everyone involved - businesses, artists & citizens alike & we must work together to find a solution to keep Westfest going strong for many years to come. This festival is something all of Ottawa should be proud of & we cannot let it fall to the wayside. Please add your signature to show your support & when we reach enough signatures, I will present the petition to Westboro B.I.A. to help keep Westfest alive!


I, Jason Fryer am the sole creator & executor of this petition & am acting freely on my own behalf & of my own free will in the creation & execution of this petition.
Neither Elaina Martin, Westfest not any its employees, volunteers, associates or affiliates are involved in the creation and/or execution of this petition whatsoever.
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