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Petition to Support Yemeni Journalist and Poet Nabil Subaye

Petition to Support Yemeni Journalist and Poet Nabil Subaye

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This petition has been created by Wameedh S. and may not represent the views of the Avaaz community.
Wameedh S.
started this petition to
Writers, journalists and activists
On Saturday, January,2nd,2016, armed men wearing civil
clothes attacked the poet and journalist Nabil Subaye in the heart of the city
of Sana’a. One man surprised Nabil by hitting him on his head forcing him to the ground. Another, shot bullets on his two legs.
Since late 1990s, Nabil’s writings focused on defending citizens' rights against the authorities' oppression. His writings criticized power inheritance, the War in Sadaa, and the brutality against the peaceful protests in South Yemen. He also published critical writings of the Transitional Process
(2012-2014) and condemned the rise of armed groups last September 2014 and their take over the state’s institution and capital in January 2015. Recently, Subaye became even more vocal against all sides to the Yemeni conflict, which led to a
catastrophic humanitarian crisis.
Freedoms of press and expression have been always violated in Yemen’s especially during times of instability. However, since the start of the recent round of war in March 2015 between the Houthis /Saleh from one side and
President Hadi supported by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, violations targeting journalists, writers, and intellectuals were the most extreme. The attack
against Subaye is yet another extreme alarming precedent threatening the freedom of expression in Yemen.
He was attacked in a busy street, at mid-day, and in the heart of the capital. Those who attacked him purposefully forced him on his knees and shot his legs. This attack sent out a
message of threat to paralyze the free and independent voices who are against the war, violence, and all types of radicalization.
Therefore, the civil actors and organizations signing below call
on individuals, Arab and International Human Rights Community to support the
Yemeni journalists, writers, and intellectuals who advocate for peace. We also call for a firm position against the extreme violations targeting freedoms of press and expression in Yemen, and demand to stop the war.

Abdulfattah Bin Hamoudah Poet Tunisia
Abdulla Awbal Former
minister, Min of Culture Yemen
Abdulla Mossleh Human rights activist Yemen
Adel Meaizi Poet and member of Truth and Dignity Organization Tunisia
Ali Al Moqri Novelist Yemen
Amani Abu Rahma Translator and critic Palestine
Amina Abdulla Poet Egypt
Amina Al-Nassiri Artist Yemen
Arab Women Media Center Jordan
Aref Hamza Poet Syria
Aref Morysh Poet Algeria
Asa'ad Al Emad Photographer Yemen
Azza Kamel Writer and Human Rights Activist Egyp
Belqees Al Lahabi Human rights activist Yemen
Boushra Al Maqtary Novelist Yemen
Diana Moqaled Journalist Lebanon
Ekram Yousef Journalist
and translator Egypt
Elham Manea Human
rights activist and academician Switzerlan
Eric Vallet Senior Lecturer at the Sorbonne and researcher France
Farea Al Muslimi Researcher Yemen
Faten Bin Hamoudah Actress,
President of Show Cultural Foundation Tunisia
Fawaz Tarabolsi Writer
and researcher Lebanon
Ghatfan Gholom Movie Director Syria
Hamdi Shaker Refaie Teacher
at Al-Azher Egypt
Hamza Alkamali Political
analyst Yemen
Hani Assoulwi Writer
and Poet Yemen
Hassan Hussien Executive
Editor at Al-Anwar Newspaper Egypt
Hayat Arrays Novelist
and Poet Tunisia
Hayat Morshed Journalist
and human rights activist Lebanon
Hazem Al Ameen Journalist Lebanon
Huda Ayoub University Professor, Supreme Institute of
Teachers Paris
Idrees Aloush Poet Morocco
Jamal Al Jalassi Writer Tunisia
Jamila Raja Political activist Yemen
Kawthar Azzayn Poet and journalist Tunisia
Khadhar Aga Poe
and critic Syria
Khoulod Al Falah Poet Libya
Laila Ahmed Journalist Kuwait
Lamia Al Eryani Novelist Yemen
Latifa Yousef Artist Palestine
Laurent Bonnefoy Researcher France
Liana Bader Poet Egypt
Magda Gado Story writer Egypt
Maged Al-Madhagi Researcher and human rights activist Yemen
Maha Hasan Novelist Syria
Mahasen Al Emam Journalist Jordan
Mai Nasr Singer Lebanon
Majda Al Haddad Human rights activist Yemen
Maliha Alasaadi Poet Yemen
Marine Poirier Researcher France
Mayssa Shuja Aldeen Writer Yemen
Maysoun El-Eryani Poet Yemen
Maytham Qaseer Reporter Lebanon
Medhat Safwat Al-Youm
Al-Sabe'a Egypt
Mohammed Abdullah Alwan Poet Saudi
Mohammed Ahmed Othman Writer
and translator Yeme
Mohammed Hassem Academician Egypt
Mohammed Khadhar Poet Saudi
Mounir Mahmoud Human rights activist Yemen
Muna Safwan Journalist Yemen
Nabeel Ahmed Human
rights activist Yemen
Nabilah Al-Zubair Poet and novelist Yemen
Nadia Al Kawkabani Academician and novelist Yemen
Nagi Rashad Labour unionist Egypt
Nahla Chahal Senior
lecturer and political sociology researcher France
Naif Hassan Journalist Yemen
Osama Abdualla Youth activist Yemen
Neda'a Younis Journalist Palestine
Rasha Jarhum Researcher Yemen
Roza Yassin Hasan Writer and novelist Syria
Sa'ad Al Qersh Novelist Egypt
Salma Salahadeen Story writer Sudan
Sama'a Al-Hamdani Researcher Yemen
Samah Ashaghdary Poet Yemen
Smah Kesallah Journalist Tunisia
Samed Asamey Journalist Yemen
Selvana Goerge Egypt
Sohair Faraj Director of Development and Women Media - TV Director Palestine
Sumaya Amer Women
rights activist Egypt
Talal Attoerqi Poet Saudi
Wedad Al Badawi Journalist Yemen
Yara Heraki Activist Lebanon
Zain Alabdin Fouad Poet Egypt
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